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14 Small Granny Pods & Log Cabin Kits You Can Buy Online

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Many granny pods and tiny log cabins are deceivingly simple. Too often you may come across some reviews of small log cabin kits for sale like this one: “This cabin kit is a rip-off! I can get all the lumber locally for half the price!

Well, in many cases it’s actually true – local lumber is usually cheap. What they always forget to mention is what comes next after getting a pile of cheap lumber. 

  • You’d need a detailed plan of the structure you’re going to build;
  • An expensive set of power tools;
  • A place to set up your wood workshop;
  • You’d have to purchase doors and windows;
  • Buy hardware;
  • Spend time on making the needed measurements, cuts, drilling holes, etc. 

Even if you have a set of power tools and some experience, you know pretty well that doing projects from scratch can take forever. Doing tongues and grooves on a router table is fun but is not a 5-minute project. In short, it’s theoretically possible to save some money if you have the tools, skills, and time to spend.

Are these log cabins easy to assemble?

For the rest of us, who don’t wish to buy crude oil to make our own gasoline to save a few bucks, assembling prefab log cabins with a friend or family member looks like a fun weekend project well worth the money.

If you liked assembling Lego sets in your childhood then putting together a tiny cabin kit should be a rather similar task.

This is why we are reviewing here a few prefab log cabins that virtually anyone with a set of basic tools and some experience can assemble in just a few days. All these tiny log cabins and other structures are manufactured either in Finland or Germany.

Every year customers from all over the world purchase tens of thousands of these high-quality quick-assembly cabin kits. Only recently these cabins became available for US and Canadian customers.

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Tiny DIY Log Cabin Kit – “Lakeview”

Square Footage: 209
Priced under: $8,700

Lakeview Tiny DIY Log Cabin Kit

With almost half of the wall space occupied by windows, this elegant wooden log cabin “Lakeview” is by far one of the most popular tiny cabins in the warmer parts of the US. Nice 1 3/4″ thick double tongue and groove walls can insulate against the cold. The double-pane windows and glass doors are also helpful in conserving heat.

However, if you live too close to the North Pole or Equator, small log cabin kits such as Lakeview may need some additional layers of insulation and, perhaps, a mini-split AC/Heating system.

Lakeview pre manufactured log homes for sale

It takes on average three to four days for 2 adults to assemble tiny log cabin kits of the same size as the Lakeview pavilion. With its pretty sizable space, you may easily fit a work desk with a couple of chairs for your hobbies along with a futon for the well-deserved afternoon ‘me-time.  The dense and durable Nordic Spruce logs will provide an easy way of hanging the shelves and cabinets for your tools and other things. Overall, it’s a very nice medium-sized DIY project. 

More information

Tiny Wooden Log Cabin Kit – “Dreamcatcher”

Square Footage: 204
Priced under: $9,850

Tiny Wooden Log Cabin Kit - Dreamcatcher

“Dreamcatcher” tiny cabin wraps you around with its inviting porch – a perfect place for a cup of herbal tea or something a bit stronger for a night of better sleep. The actual interior for “dreaming” is big enough for a futon and a small table with 2 chairs, just like in the previous model. 

Tiny Log Cabin Kits with a porch

The porch is nicely covered by the extended roof creating a perfect opportunity for installing mosquito screens or a lattice for additional privacy.

What if you have a crazy idea to use this cabin as a tiny home? Is the square footage of 204 Sq Ft enough for comfortable tiny-style activities? Before you scream “NO!” read this about one apartment in Paris, France: “There’s an 86-square-foot apartment complete with a bed, kitchen, bathroom, table and chairs, closet, bathroom, and storage space.”

After that “Dreamcatcher” looks like a pretty attractive option for raising a family of three with a tiny dog or a goldfish.

Click here for more information about this cabin

Oval Garden Cabin Kit

Square Footage: 70
Priced under: $5,500

Oval Garden Cabin Kit

Sometimes cabins come in odd shapes and this cabin is an excellent example of non-conventional space. For traditionalists, the oval cabin would be an eyesore. For environmentalists,  this fantastic structure offers a tiny footprint – literally, only 40 Sq Ft!

What are the benefits of building this unusual cabin? The whole construction is pretty sturdy and should be able to withstand strong winds and moderate earthquakes better than the traditional square log cabins – a big plus for some areas!

Oval Garden Cabin Kit with a grill

Now, the main question – Why would you build this oval cabin? Imagine having a BBQ dinner inside this cabin on a chilly day on your own land far away from all the troubles… The built-in benches come in pretty handy, don’t you agree? Can it be used as a sauna? Of course, but with some modifications. You may look at the sauna model here to see what needs to be modified.

More information

Popular Tiny Log Cabin – “Lillevilla Retreat 2”

Square Footage: 152
Priced under: $6,400

Tiny Log Cabin Kit - Lillevilla Retreat 2

Made in Finland and Germany, the “Lillevilla” series of tiny log cabins were among the best-selling cabins in the EU for a number of years. Guess what? Now US customers can also order this DIY tiny log cabin kit from the warehouse located right here in the States!

Can you go wrong with this one? More than 100,000 “Lillevilla” (see below) and “Lillevilla Retreat 2” cabins are sold every year worldwide… It looks like customers love it. On the other hand, some people dream of living in shipping containers, so, no pressure – just follow your dreams.

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