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DIY Easter Décor

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Whether you are looking for quick and easy DIY Easter Decor ideas or want to learn something new from the best creative minds, you’ll find your next project here! Easter decorations shouldn’t be complicated – they should bring you joy and make you happy.

Looking for easy Easter egg decorations? Maybe, you need quick and simple Easter table decor? How about festive Easter cake decorations?

In essence, we’ve collected the most brilliant ideas for home Easter decor that you can make in 30 minutes or less (excluding the cupcake recipe!).

Most importantly, this DIY spring decor is budget-friendly as you’ll be mostly using what you already have at home or around it. 

1. Bunny Tail Cupcakes

These adorable bunny tail cupcakes come from Preppy Kitchen’s John Kanell, a husband, dad, and an avid baker. If you want cute home Easter decor for your table that is also edible, check it out.

Overall, they are easier to make than you might think, according to the author of the recipe. If you and your family are staying away from sugar, use this as a visual guide for Easter decoration made from craft supplies.

Bunny Cupcakes

Bunny Cupcakes

Source: Preppy Kitchen

2. Paper Napkin Bunny Favors

How cute (yet budget-friendly!) is this adorable craft idea from OneLittleProject! For sure, you have a stack of Easter napkins somewhere in your house. 

Do you love to draw? Check out our drawing tutorials to master your skills:

First, draw cute bunny faces on large wooden beads. Next, follow these simple instructions and create simple Easter table decor that doubles as party favors. Kids will love it!

Paper Napkin Bunny Favors

Paper Napkin Bunny Favors

Source: OneLittleProject

3. Simple Easter Table Decor

This is one of my favorite DIY Easter projects! Using just eggs and napkins, create a welcoming home Easter decor that is peaceful and beautiful.

Personally, I love the colors of this spring tablescape – a modern farmhouse meets homemade simple rustic decor. Such an easy Easter egg decoration idea!

(DIY) Easter Table Decor

(DIY) Easter Table Decor

Source: (DIY) Easter Table Decor

4. Farmhouse-style Carrots (DIY Easter Decorations in 30 minutes!)

Ready, set, go! Can you finish this simple farmhouse centerpiece by ThatSweetTeaLife in 30 minutes or less? Using simple household items, create stunning Easter decor with just a few simple steps.

For the carrots, use aluminum foil wrapped in masking tape. Second, wrap twine securing it with a glue gun.

Hint: you can also pick up plastic carrots from the Dollar Store and use twine to transform them into a stylish farmhouse crafty masterpiece.

Farmhouse-style Carrots (DIY Easter Decorations in 30 minutes!)

Easter Farmhouse Centerpiece

Source: Farmhouse-style Carrots

5. Finger-Knitted Bunny Craft Idea

If you checked our blog before, you’d know we are in love with yarn! Crochet, knitting, and creating hand-made yarn creations is what makes life happy!

Check out our most-popular crochet and knitting tutorials:

Obviously, this finger-knitted bunny by AWonderfulThought is high on the list of easy DIY Easter decorations. It is so simple yet gorgeous! If you love to crochet, just use a hook to create a simple chain. Try it today!

All you’d need one skein of bulky yarn (in white, grey, or even pink), some patience, and a tutorial that is generously provided for you by Kimberly from AWonderfulThought.

And don’t forget a pom-pom for the bunny’s tail!

Finger-Knitted Easter Bunny

Finger-Knitted Easter Bunny

Source: Finger-Knitted Easter Bunny by

6. Easy Easter Tray

For an easy Spring 3-tiered Tray, we turn to the classics: farmhouse Easter Decor Inspiration from LizMarieBlog.

This classic Easter Farmhouse Decoration is easy to create: you’ll need a vintage tray, white kitchen mugs, greenery, tin bucket, and some speckled eggs. Looks gorgeous as an Easter centerpiece or just on a kitchen counter.

Easy Easter Tray

Easy Easter Tray

Source: Easy Easter Tray by LizMarieBlog

7. Easy Easter Arrangement DIY

This easy Easter Arrangement by StoneGableBlog is a crowd-favorite on Pinterest. Most importantly, you can create this stunning home decor in under 10 minutes and you don’t need any special skills.

So, if you feel stressed and overwhelmed, this easy Easter Home Decor project is for you. All you need is love for decor, a large glass vase, spring blooms, and Easter eggs to fill up the bottom.

Easy Easter Arrangement DIY

Easy Easter Arrangement

Source: Easy Easter Arrangement DIY – by

8. Farmhouse Easter Bunnies

These adorable bunnies by are so easy to make! It is a no-sew easy project that you can make once and enjoy for years as simple home Easter decor. 

First of all, the list of supplies is pretty short. But most importantly, there is a template to make your crafting even easier. 

As for the choice of fabric, you can pick any farmhouse classic buffalo plaid, burlap, or white. They’ll all look absolutely adorable.

Farmhouse Easter Bunnies

Farmhouse Easter Bunnies

Source: Farmhouse Easter Bunnies

9. DIY Easter Centerpiece

All things considered, this stunning and clever Easter Centerpiece by takes almost no time to create. If you have 2 vases that fit one inside the other (ex: IKEA glass vases), you are almost done.

To summarize, pick up Peeps at the store and some fresh Spring flowers and follow these simple steps to create your own masterpiece. Love the fresh flowers and the contrast – they always bring the holiday spirit to any gathering.

Simple Easter Decor

Easy Easter Centerpiece

Source: DIY Peep Easter Decor

10. DIY Easter Gnomes (from socks!)

I don’t know how about you, but these gnomes always bring a smile to my face (and kids love them too). As a matter of fact, you can use any white or stipped socks (hint: from Dollar store). A super-crafty DIY idea from ItsAlwaysAutumn!

Similarly,  when you learn how to make these adorable creatures, you can make them for any holiday season (just use a different color scheme).

Easter Sock Gnomes

Easter Sock Gnomes

Source: Easter Gnomes from Socks

Thank you for browsing our collection of quick and simple DIY Easter decor. Spring is a great time for renewal, to try new crafts, ideas, and easy Easter DIY projects.