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15+ Modern Backyard Office Plans to Build and DIY

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Backyard office plans offer you a solution to create your private home workplace! In fact, not having enough space often forces homeowners with small businesses to build backyard studios, assemble ADUs, home office sheds, or turn a garden shed into an office. Most importantly, you can do it on a very tight budget.

For this reason, our collection of backyard office plans and prefab kits focuses on helping you avoid constant distractions and increase your productivity. Meanwhile, picture yourself in your own space where you can be creative and inspired.

With our collection of detailed plans, you can turn this dream into a real DIY project. From selecting the perfect floor plan to answering the most common questions about the whole building process, we created a guide to help you build your dream backyard office. 

Let’s start with the most budget-friendly solutions for your garden shed office. Most importantly, step-by-step instructions allow you to build a new backyard office shed quickly and on budget.

1. Backyard Office Plan Aurora – 85 sq ft

backyard office shed Aurora


If you are concerned with your backyard studio cost, consider office shed plans by PinUpHouses. Designed by a professional architect, these garden office plans come with:

  • complete set of shed blueprints + CAD set
  • construction progress + comments
  • complete materials list + tool list
  • eBook ‘How to Build a Tiny House’ included
  • DIY Furniture plans included
  • DIY building cost: $6,600 (* at the time of writing, based on the cost of materials).

2. Studio Shed Alicia – 96 sq ft

Backyard Office Plans 'Alicia'


With 96 square feet of space and a DIY building cost of only $2,200, this is one of the most affordable options to create your quiet space on a budget. Overall, use this custom build as a guest bedroom, home office, artist studio, yoga oasis, or any other backyard space you can dream of. Boasting a spacious 8×7 layout and standing ceiling height, this design creates the perfect canvas for your vision. And let’s not forget the large window inviting lots of natural light to inspire your projects.

3. Garden Shed Amelia – 269 sq ft

garden shed 'Amelia' floor plan


This is a bigger floor plan boasting 269 square feet for a spacious backyard studio shed. Most importantly, detailed plans and a complete material list make the build process easy for any DIY enthusiast with some experience. Also, the complete set of the garden shed plans (pdf) includes layouts, details, sections, elevations, material variants, windows, doors, and a foundation plan. 

4. Garden Office Shed Kylie

This uniquely designed plan gives you 97 sq ft of working space and 118 sq ft porch to relax and enjoy your outdoor space. Notably, this backyard office plan has been one of the most popular due to its overall low DIY building cost and unique design. In essence, the detailed sample pages of the construction process make it easy to build your backyard office shed on a budget.

Garden Office Shed Kylie


5. Tiny A-Frame Shed Office ‘Paula’

Tiny A-Frame Shed Office Paula


What do we like about this office shed plan? The popular A-frame construction combines a sheltered office work area and covered outdoor space. Furthermore, you can add screens to protect your patio area from bugs. Also, these modern shed plans come with a detailed step-by-step guide and a complete material list and tool list. So, you’d have everything you need to complete your office shed building process.

6. Garden Cottage Office Shed ‘Shelley’

garden shed Shelley building project


If you are wondering about a completed office shed, check out this project. Imagine building a comfortable, spacious, yet economical solution for your garden shed office.

As a result, with 156 sq ft plus 75 sq ft loft, you can have some extra space right in your backyard. So, use it for work, art studio, storage, or solitude. Check out real-life construction photos of someone’s project built with traditional wood.

7. Modern Backyard Office Plan with Bar and Snack Area

backyard office plan by AD


If you are looking for a backyard studio with a modern look and larger windows, this plan gives you a great place to work close to home. Furthermore, with modern amenities such as a half bath, a wet bar and snack area, a corner desk, and sliding doors, this small space is a great way to get your work done and enjoy it.

Additionally, cathedral ceilings make this well-lit space suitable for an art studio. You can even host small receptions for your clients by utilizing the outdoor bar area and patio to accommodate guests.

8. Modern Farmhouse Backyard Home Office Plan

Need extra space that matches your modern farmhouse? Notably, this floor plan by AD gives you base plans to build a 143 sq ft home office.

As illustrated, it has distinctive exterior siding, traditional wooden beams, a covered porch, and larger windows. As the structure qualifies as a home office shed (no bathroom), it will be easier to comply with local building codes.

Modern Farmhouse Backyard Home Office Plan


9. Modern 256 Sq Ft Backyard Home Office with Full Bath

backyard office or 1 bed granny flat


If you are looking for a backyard office plan that can be used as an occasional 1 bedroom granny flat, this plan is for you. It gives plenty of space for work and is perfect for a guest house when needed. Meanwhile, a full bath with a walk-in shower, 256 sq ft of living space, large windows, and a covered wrap-around porch create a comfortable home office with flexible use.

10. Farmhouse-Inspired Backyard Office Plan

backyard office with barn doors


Are you longing for a modern yet rustic look for your office shed design? This small building with iconic barn doors can be your sanctuary backyard office shed. Furthermore, the exterior features a gambrel roof and board and batten siding. As illustrated, sliding barn doors open to a large office (165 square feet), giving you plenty of space to work from home.

11. The Office by DEN Outdoors

Check out the collection of ultra-modern minimalistic office designs by DEN Outdoors. These small backyard office spaces are perfect for work and play and everything in between that involves working from home. Most importantly, you can watch kids play in your backyard while you make phone calls in your perfect sound-proof small office.

These perfect plans are purposely designed to be small enough for urban lots. With ADU laws changing in every state and becoming more friendly, it is a good idea to create a multiple-use outdoor office.

the office by DEN Outdoors

Source: DEN Outdoors

12. The Study Plus by DEN Outdoors

The Study Plus by DEN Outdoors

Source: DEN Outdoors

If you are a fan of Scandinavian design, you will love the look of this modern backyard office. The modern design of this stand-alone structure will allow you to create your zen oasis of creativity near home. A quiet place to concentrate is priceless. Especially, when it comes with a bathroom and a lofted bed nook making it perfect for Airbnb, man cave, backyard studio, or ADU anywhere you choose to place it.

Check out all 8 plans for the backyard office by DEN designed with a modern urban professional in mind. Consequently, it can be your sanctuary, workplace, or ADU for extra income.

13-15. Prefab WorkPods by Autonomous

Autonomous has THREE most popular WorkPods available:

  • WorkPod Lite
  • WorkPod
  • StudioPod

Check out WorkPod by Autonomous: Your Backyard Office Shed for Focus and Productivity. This innovative prefab solution to create a private office space doesn’t need a concrete slab and can be placed anywhere. Most importantly, it doesn’t matter what the terrain is – a WorkPod can be placed on any ground using concrete blocks. 

prefab backyard office Pod

Source: WorkPods by Autonomous

Firstly, when the physical distance from work to home matters, having a backyard office shed can be helpful. It gives you a quiet, distraction-free place to work without interruptions from family members or background noise.

Second, it also helps you balance work and personal life by having a clear separation between the two. At the end of the day, you can close the door and leave work behind, giving yourself time to relax.

Finally, having a stylish backyard office that can be turned into work space or guest quarters easily, can increase your property value and make it more attractive to potential buyers. 

A generous 98-104 square feet of floor space provides more than enough room to set up your perfect private work sanctuary. And the best part? Zero permits are needed. Additionally, if your locality requires a building permit, Autonomous will provide a technical drawing for permit submittal.

To summarize, customers especially liked that Pods are plug-and-play so you can set up your office quickly. Watch a video of the real-life experience of people who ordered WorkPod online and set up their backyard office.

Plug-and-Play Backyard Office Pod

Source: WorkPods by Autonomous

Of course, people who are focused on creating a perfect backyard office, have lots of questions about the legal aspects of ADUs, the size, and the cost of a backyard office whether you use plans or order it online. As a result, here are some of the most common Q&As to help you on your journey of building the most cost-efficient garden office.

16. DIY Office Kit Designed with Hempcrete

Backyard office kit by Coexist


Introducing the Traveler Series Office Kit by Coexist – the perfect DIY kit for building your backyard office or cabin retreat. With a focus on performance, comfort, and health, this kit is curated to provide you with the ultimate working-from-home experience.

What sets it apart from other kits on the market? The Traveler Series is the only DIY kit to feature hempcrete, a sustainable and highly effective hemp-lime insulation.

As the demand for working from home continues to grow, architects at Coexist recognized the need for a backyard office that prioritizes not just productivity, but also overall well-being. That’s why Coexist has taken a holistic approach to crafting the design of this kit.

Consequently, they set the goal of promoting both physical and mental wellness. An innovative design approach using batt and hemp block insulation further contributes to this mission, offering cozy and earthy aesthetics.

Notably, Coexist also offers backyard office plans that are reviewed and stamped for your state.

Backyard Office Kit (or Plans) by Coexist


Q: What is the best size for a backyard office?

Determining the best size for your backyard office is crucial in creating a comfortable and functional workspace. The ideal size will depend on your specific needs and how you plan to use the office.

Of course, consider factors such as the amount of space you need for your work activities, storage requirements, and the potential for future use and expansion. Remember, a larger office may offer more flexibility and room for creativity, but a smaller space can also be energy-efficient and cozy.

Ultimately, the best size for a backyard office is the one that suits your work style and allows you to be productive and inspired. In this collection, we feature the optimal backyard office plans and prefabs ranging from 54 sq ft to 256 sq ft.

Can I turn a shed into an office?

Notably, this can be a cost-effective and creative way to create your dream backyard office. By repurposing a shed, you can customize the space to fit your needs and style while also reusing existing structures. Overall, with the right plan and modifications, you can transform a shed into a cozy and productive workspace that blends seamlessly into your backyard environment.

On the contrary, some old sheds may be too costly to modify. In that case, you are better off ordering a prefab pod or building a backyard office using professional plans. All things considered, make sure you have enough insulation and light in your shed for a comfortable work environment.

How much would it cost to build a backyard office?

If you’re considering building a backyard office from scratch, the cost can vary depending on the size, materials, and design you choose. As illustrated by our collection of backyard office plans, you can spend anywhere from $2,400 to $50,000 or more for a custom-built backyard office.

If you are in a hurry and can’t spend time building your backyard office, ordering a prefab solution is a valuable option. For example, popular WorkPods by Autonomous took a backyard office market by storm offering office pods for $14,900 – $17,900 (not including shipping and installation).

In essence, factors such as insulation, electrical wiring, flooring, and interior finishes will all contribute to the final cost. As soon as you start planning, set a budget and work with a contractor or designer to create a plan that fits within your financial means. 

Backyard Office Pod

Source: WorkPods by Autonomous

How do I heat and cool my backyard office?

Heating and cooling is an important consideration to ensure your workspace is comfortable year-round. Depending on the climate in your area, you may need to install a heating and cooling system to regulate the temperature inside your office.

Likewise, options such as electric baseboard heaters, portable air conditioners, or mini-split systems can help you stay productive in any weather. Also, be sure to consult with a professional to determine the best solution for your specific space.

What is the best floor for a shed office? 

Choosing the right flooring for your shed office is a crucial decision that can have a significant impact on the look and feel of your workspace. Of course, weigh in pros and cons of all available options to select the best floor for your backyard office.

One option to consider is hardwood flooring, which can add a touch of sophistication to your shed office. Hardwood floors are durable, making them a practical choice for a workspace.

Additionally, hardwood floors can help create a warm and inviting atmosphere. While natural wood is a popular solution when building a backyard office, you can consider laminate to bring the overall cost down.

On the positive side, laminate floors are affordable, easy to install, and come in a variety of styles and colors to suit your design preferences. Most importantly, laminate flooring is resistant to scratches and moisture. Thus, it is a practical option for a backyard office that may be exposed to the elements.

If you prefer a more industrial look, concrete flooring is a durable and low-maintenance option for your shed office. Concrete floors are easy to clean and can be stained or painted. Additionally, concrete floors are a great option if you plan to use heavy equipment in your workplace.

Backyard Office Plans Collection

What are the foundation options for a backyard home office?

When considering the foundation for your backyard home office, it’s important to weigh the options available to ensure a sturdy and reliable structure. From concrete slabs to gravel pads, each option comes with its own set of benefits and considerations.

Also, choosing the right foundation will not only provide a solid base for your office but also contribute to its longevity. In brief, the most popular foundation options for your backyard home office are a concrete slab, concrete blocks, a beam foundation, piers, or a gravel base.

In summary, by creating your dream backyard office, you will take a significant step toward achieving your professional goals. By carefully selecting the location and designing a personalized workspace, you will craft an environment to thrive in.

Remember, your backyard office is not just a physical space but a sanctuary to do your best work. So, take action today and watch as your productivity soars in this backyard office retreat.

As Maya Angelou once said, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” Embrace it and transform your work environment into a place where you will flourish.