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Tiny Homes and Cabins (prefabs, kits, plans)

Everything from pre-built cabins and sheds to prefab tiny homes or detailed tiny house plans.

There is a great interest in custom and prefab tiny houses, tiny house floor plans, pre-built cabins or small log cabin kits, DIY storage hacks, and decoration ideas for small spaces. Read about cons and pros of going Tiny. Find out what is available online or browse our Tiny House Builders Directory.

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Order online these absolutely awesome affordable tiny houses! Some are 100% sustainable and do NOT need any utilities besides the internet! You can add custom features from most of the tiny home builders.

Keep dreaming on or take an action and get one of these tiny homes!

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Look at these absolutely awesome tiny houses that you can afford! Some are 100% sustainable and do NOT need any utilities besides internet connection! You can add custom features from most of the tiny home builders. Now it's a perfect time to take an action and get one of these little affordable homes! #tinyhouses #smallhouseplans

Look at this amazing collection of a few dozens of really cute small and tiny house plans well under 1,000 sq.ft.! Browse through the examples of the genius use of space, organization hacks, and smart design. Do they look weird or are they unique and one-of-a-kind? It's hard to tell because each of us has a unique taste. Find the best small plan for you!

These tiny houses can really be the way to live debt-free. Even if you can't afford to buy one for cash imagine paying only $195/m! Forbes Magazine called them "The Most Beautiful Tiny Houses In The World". Why do you need the burden of huge mortgages and property taxes? #tinyhouse #tinyhouseplans #minimalism
Single Mother Builds a Tiny House Trailer to Create a Retirement plan. $35,000 and 15 months later, her first tiny home with an adorable name "My Tiny Empty Nest" was completed. Enroll in one of the Tiny Home Builders workshops and get mobile tiny house plans to save thousands of dollars. #tinyhouse #tinyhouseplans #minimalism #diy
Choose from a few options of pre-built cabins to small log cabin kits that you'll be able to assemble in 3-4 weeks saving on labor close to 1/3 of the total cost. If you don't like Amish cabin kits then go with Estonian super quality cabin homes that are even more affordable than US-made log cabins! #tinyhouses #logcabins #countryliving

Downsizing can save you a lot of money plus designing and building a modern Farmhouse can be a lot of fun! Look at the best small farmhouse plans that can fit almost any tight budget. Learn how you can design the best modern farmhouse and decorate it like a pro! This is your chance to simplify your family's life and reduce the stress of big city living.

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We really like these "Earth-Roofed" tiny homes! You can order these prefab Tiny Homes from anywhere! Modular "Hobbit hole" units can be interconnected creating super energy-efficient habitats. You may build your future tiny house really quickly the way you want in virtually any country using this patented system! #tinyhouse

This tiny house designed and manufactured in Italy. It can be assembled in one day! One single module of roughly 300 SQ FT can be extended to 600 SQ FT and beyond. Prefab Tiny Homes like this on are available to order online and can be delivered to the USA.

Beautiful, affordable A-Frame tiny homes. Explore our collection of prefabricated houses designed by tiny house builders from different countries. Did you know that you can get EU-built high-quality tiny cabin kits shipped to the US? Do you think you can't afford them? Just read this post...

The DUO57 is a durable structure that packs a ton of smart functionality into the tiny floor plan. Yes, this tiny cute house can be off-grid and well hidden from the civilization.

These beautifully-designed tiny house trailers can really be the way to live debt-free. Even if you can't afford to buy these mobile tiny homes on wheels for cash imagine paying only $195/m! Forbes Magazine called them The Most Beautiful Tiny Houses In The World. Why do you need the burden of huge mortgages and property taxes?


Our updated tiny house builders directory covers mostly the US and Canada with 25+ listing of tiny home builders and designers in EU and other parts of the World. Get helpful advice on how to select the best tiny home builder in your area.

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A really nice and stylish prefab container home with optional solar panel kit for around $25,000! Go fancy with hydraulics system and high-end toilet to impress your friends and relatives!


These very affordable small house plans have a complete list of the materials that you need. Yes, it is crooked but it is also fun to build! It is simply one of the best modern small playhouse plans with plenty of photos.


This Modern cabin Ella deserves high marks for design and attention to detail. It is one of the best small house plans under 1000 sq ft we've seen. Ella is designed to look like a Cool Modern Cabin from inside out. Read how the ancient oriental technique Shou Sugi Ban can be used for weatherproofing of this small house.


You can't go wrong with studying tiny house building process before actually deciding what you are going to build. How to choose the most suitable material for building your small house? This books has hundreds of illustrations and will answer most of your questions about all the aspects of the construction process and beyond...

Get these Japanese small house floor plans and start enjoying your quiet time again! The team from PinUp Houses can help you through all the stages of the construction process and even connecting to the public utilities.

Mia tiny home is an example of a traditional small house design.One of the best and really affordable small house plans with loft.


These small house plans with a loft well worth their price considering you may consult the architect through email or website in case of any construction questions. One of the best A-frame house plans on the market!

From elegant A-frame small house plans to whimsical garden sheds and beach cabins. Original home designs that were all actually built and tested. An estimated cost of material is based on the actual experience of the builders! Check them out!


These pre-built cabin kits really can save time and money, especially if you want to assemble them on your own. Take a look at well-designed Estonian quality log cabin homes that are now available in North America through an authorized dealer!


Thinking of building your own cabin? See the list of 10 challenges that each cabin kit buyer will have to deal with during the assembly process. Would you like to find out how can you reduce the cost of building your dream cabin? Read this article...


Several easy to assemble quality log cabin kits can be ordered online from a small Baltic country of Estonia (EU) which is famous for log homes, cabins, saunas, and rustic stone castles.High-quality log cabin homes from this manufacturer are easy to build in a few weekends. These cabins are very affordable - check them out!