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Coolest Granny Pods and Tiny Modular Homes for Sale

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As the US population rapidly ages, we see assisted living apartments sprouting left and right. However, many of us just recently realized that our elderly parents would be much safer staying with their families instead of relying on the often ridiculous decisions of elected officials and bureaucrats. This is why Granny Pods are surging in popularity as assisted living alternatives.

What are these Granny Pods?

Since we are talking about our elderly, these are not just cheap modular homes but the ones that have everything suited for living on the ground level. Forget about those cool tiny home trailers with sleeping lofts accessible only by steep ladders. You need something very similar to assisted living apartments in the shape of a stand-alone tiny house that you can put in your backyard. Grandma or grandpa would appreciate privacy, quiet time, and the chance to be protected from the seasonal flu.

Where to buy Granny Pods?

Many of you would be skeptical right away thinking that nowadays there are no affordable small homes judging by astronomical real estate prices. Luckily, there are a few options that can work out for people even with a very modest budget. 

Prebuilt Granny Pods – Tiny modular homes by Boxabl

Let’s start first with boxable homes – the ones that are shipped to you folded and can be set up literally in one day.

At the time of writing, this US-based company – – is still working on setting up a brand-new factory in Las Vegas to start manufacturing their 375 Sq. Ft. unit called Casita. This granny pod comes to you completely loaded with everything from the kitchen appliances and the fridge to a mini-split silent air conditioner.

The cost is $49,500! For everything that you see in the pictures below!!!

boxable houses granny pods with included kitchen appliances

What you’ll have to do before getting this amazing granny pod:

  • Check if you are allowed to build this tiny house (Boxabl has partnered with – go to the special section here);
  • Purchase the land or make sure you have enough space in your backyard for this 20 FT x 20 FT tiny modular home;
  • Figure out what kind of foundation is needed in your case for this granny pod;
  • Make sure that the site has a wide enough access path for the delivery trailer and truck. The unit folds down to 8.5 ft and can be deployed right off the truck without additional equipment;
  • Find out the shipping cost if you live far away from Las Vegas – shipping this unit to New Zealand may cost as much as the granny pod itself.

Good news for some US residents – shipping is free to AZ, NV, CA, and UT! Shipping to the US destinations is roughly $2 per mile counting from Las Vegas.

modular granny pod bathroom and bedroom

To summarize, besides $50,000 for the granny pods you’ll need to pay for:

  • All building permits;
  • Foundation;
  • Delivery to other than AZ, NV, CA, and UT states;
  • House setup (Boxabl will connect you with a local licensed installer);

Judging by the rapidly growing number of reservations, thousands of future customers already figured out that these granny pods are well worth the $200 registration deposit. If you decide to jump in as well, we have a special link for the reservation page. You’ll still pay $200 for reserving the unit but you’ll get $100 OFF your granny pod’s price.

casita foldable modular homes configurations

Still not sure? Imagine what you’ll be getting for your parents:

  • Full-size kitchen with a large fridge, double sink with a view, oven, dishwasher, microwave, and shaker cabinetry;
  • Bathroom with deep shower/tub, vessel sink, large counter, backlit mirror, sliding glass barn door;
  • Living Area with 9’6″ ceilings, 8′ doors, and windows, wide plank composite flooring, washer & dryer, and silent heating and air conditioning unit (economical mini-split);
  • Super-low utility bills due to advanced insulation, LED lighting, and economical mini-split air & heating unit.

It looks like in 2-3 years this granny pod may pay for itself when compared with average expenses for assisted living apartments. In our list of assisted living alternatives, these tiny modular homes for seniors are definitely in the first place!

Prefab Round Granny Pod Kits – “Wooden Yurts”

It may come as a surprise for some folks but round or circular homes are rather popular in the US. You just don’t see a lot of them because they are mostly built as custom homes on rather isolated lots. 

Why would you consider building a circular house? 

Round or circular houses are more energy-efficient than conventional “boxy” homes because there is less unused space (i.e. corners) for cold or hot air to collect and there is less drafting because the wind goes around the building rather than trying to penetrate cracks in a large solid wall. In addition to that, for constructing a round home similar to a wooden yurt you’d use 15% – 20% fewer materials than for a traditional square house.
round granny pod kits - wooden yurts

If you’d take a wooden yurt kit as an example, it takes just a few days to put your round house up with a crew of 3-4 people. The yurt kit usually comes without any inside walls, so you’ll have to finish the whole interior by yourself. Naturally, no furniture, appliances, or AC equipment are included.

For DIYers, it may be a good option if they don’t mind a yurt in their backyard. Cost-wise, these circular houses may run from $20,000 to $25,000 for 387 SQ FT kit. As with the first Boxabl granny pod, you are responsible for all permits, foundation, and assembly.

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16-wall yurt cabin kits with proposed floor plan configuration

Considering that you’ll have to build internal walls, and custom closets, and take care of all appliances, bathroom equipment, and AC/heating the final bill may come pretty close to the Boxable home.

What’s the advantage of this round wooden home over the Boxable granny pod? It’s available now and from a couple of builders. On the other hand, Casita by is still a few months away from mass production. If time is on your side, we’d recommend registering for Boxabl’s Casita ASAP since the waiting list has already more than 100,000 applications …

If you can’t wait, there are a few other options worth investigating. A number of them are listed below and some really cool ones are in our other post describing the Cons and Pros of prefabricated granny flats.

Prefab Log Granny Pods

Who doesn’t like cute log cabins like these ones? Well, the main obstacle between you and such a cabin would be a ridiculously high price. What can you do about it? Find a reasonable small builder without high overhead expenses for showrooms, sales staff, TV ads, etc.

…and here is exactly one of these. Of course, you always have a chance to find a better deal but this company is a good place to start if you are a log cabin fan.

336 sq ft log cabin pod under $23,000

The price range is around $23,000 for a 336 SQ FT narrow cabin and $26,000 for a 400 SQ FT cute-looking square log cabin. Contact the manufacturer here. There are more than 50 different models and all of them can be customized and delivered to any US destination for assembly.

Keep in mind, that the price doesn’t include any appliances, bathroom fixtures, etc – just the walls.

Did you like these log granny pods? Submit this form at the end of this post and the representative will answer all your questions.

400 sq ft log cabin - granny pod under $26,000

Square-Log Granny Pods by BZB

The Best-Selling Log Cabin Kit in the EU – “Lillevilla”

This 292 SQ FT log cabin kit is manufactured in Germany and only recently became available in the US. Priced under $16,900, this cabin looks pretty affordable and simple enough to be assembled with your own hands. Keep in mind that roof covering materials are not included and you’ll also need a pretty extensive set of tools and power tools for the assembly.

Tiny log Cabin / granny pod kit Lillevilla is one of the cutest and most popular prefab tiny houses that you can order online

Three rooms give enough space for accommodating an elderly person if this cabin will be used as a granny pod. The loft can be used as additional storage. Take into consideration the wall thickness – these cabins are designed for pretty mild winters and not super hot summers. Of course, a completely silent mini-split AC/Heating unit like this one can make a huge difference. 

Get Lillevilla here.

Where To Buy Granny Pod Plans

Plenty of big house-plans aggregator websites offer thousands of floor plans. Only 2-3 of them feature small and tiny floor plans that may be suitable for the granny pods that you’re looking for. Sometimes, the prices for these plans are not especially budget-friendly as well.

Luckily, there is a company called PinUp Houses that has a few tiny home plans that can work as granny pods and they also might be on sale from time to time. We have selected the ten best plans from their extensive collection that may help you to get some ideas about what’s possible if you don’t have tons of cash and are willing to do some construction work yourself.

What about building costs?

All their building cost estimates are based on real experience using construction materials that were available at the time of construction in the EU. Naturally, prices here in the US vary greatly but there are always plenty of opportunities to find good deals on surplus inventory at your local lumber and construction companies.

Pod House Plans “Aria” – 420 sq ft

Regular price: $390.00
The estimated DIY building cost: $19,200

This granny pod is rather unusual for the US. If you like the challenge of building a parabolic frame, then get this plan. Actually, this design is popular in the UE – many camping sites build these pods for guests instead of regular square cabins. This parabolic shape has a couple of advantages over the traditional rectangular plans. It can withstand stronger wind, and earthquakes, and is more economical to heat or cool down.

Get Aria plans here

parabolic and traditional cottage plans for granny pods

Victorian Granny Pod Plans “Diana” – 281 sq. ft.

Price: $390.00
DIY building cost $11,500

Despite its small footprint, tiny cabin Diana has all the attributes of the real house! With everything located on a single level, this tiny granny pod would be perfect for accommodating not only a single person but also an occasional guest. The porch gives a hint that guests are welcome…

Get Diana plans here

Do you feel like you need more information before purchasing your Granny Pod floor plan?

Get this excellent guide!

How to build your own Granny Pod

Get “How to Build a Tiny House” guide here

Granny Pod with Winter Garden “Doris” – 411 sq ft

Regular price: $490.00
Estimated DIY cost to build $23,700

Winter gardens such as this one can bring so much-needed happiness to your parents. Even if you are not placing your elderly into the shipping container home, a tiny granny pod can definitely feel like a container-like closed space. Having a winter garden is a big plus and gives them something real to do!

Get Doris’ plans here

Doris and isla granny pod plans with winter garden and screened porch

Cabin with Screened Porch “Isla” – 330 sq ft

Regular price: $590.00
DIY building cost $29,300

Compact in size and traditional in design, Isla comes with a special feature – the screened porch that gives it a proper ranch feeling. For areas that have lots of bugs and mosquitoes, it can be a real game-changer. The plan is big enough to accommodate 1-2 people. 

Get Isla plans here

Expandable Pod “Kelly” – 479 sq ft (base footage)

Regular price: $390.00
DIY building cost $35,000

For people with larger than $35K budgets, this tiny modular home offers the possibility to be extended as shown in the picture below. Start with two basic modules and then add one or two more if needed. Nice concept considering that even the basic model is pretty spacious – 479 sq ft!

Get Kelly plans here

extensible cabin plans - granny pod blueprints

Rustic Granny Pod “Layla” – 373 sq ft

Regular price: $590.00
DIY building cost $31, 200

For some fans of traditional-looking cabins, Layla would be a good fit. Tiny in size, it still features all the bells and whistles like the porch, the living room, a tiny kitchen, the bedroom, and a bathroom. But that is not all – there is a sleeping loft for grandkids to spend a night or two or for storing things. 

Get Layla’s plans here

Small Flat Roof Pod  “Lisa” – 566 sq ft

Regular price: $490.00
DIY building cost $47,000

Lisa is a single-bedroom one-story cabin with a porch. The main room is a combination of a bedroom, a kitchen, and a living room, with a great view provided through a huge glass door/window. The plan doesn’t show that the bedroom is separated from the living space which can be easily fixed a few different ways – your choice.

Get Lisa’s plans here

minimalist cabin and rustic pod plans

One Room Cabin Plans “Madison” – 592 sq ft

Regular price: $290.00
DIY building cost $29, 000

If the rustic design is what your elderly parents like, here is your spacious “hunting-style” granny pod.  Yes, those curvy posts will be fun to install and grandma would definitely want to put lots of hanging flower pots between them. 

Get Madison plans here

One Bedroom House Plans “Peggy” – 359 sq ft

Regular price: $490.00
DIY building cost $19, 500

The tiny house Peggy is one of the most popular compact and functional solutions that definitely can serve as a granny pod. This single-story cottage has a very logical and simple floor plan. The porch may need some cover though but this problem can be solved with a square umbrella or a simple pergola. For a more permanent solution, you’ll need to change the roof angle – ask the author and see what he’ll suggest.

Get Peggy plans here

traditional-looking tiny house and modern granny pod plans

Small Modern Granny Pod “Rylee” – 430 sq ft

Regular price: $390.00
DIY building cost $29 300
Some people like modern “shipping container” designs and the pod Rylee looks a bit like a shipping container, especially looking at the floor plans. Rylee’s biggest advantage over the metal container is that it’s made out of wood and would be cheaper and easier to modify or fix. Read more about other disadvantages of shipping containers here.

Get Rylee’s plans here

Mother-in-law suites and cottages

In case your elderly relatives are in good health, you may consider building for them a so-called Mother-in-law suite or cottage. These structures generally do not require many safety features such as railings, ramps, lifts, or cushioned flooring that Granny Pods do.

As Granny Pods, Mother-in-law suites and cottages are a cost-effective alternative to senior housing. They provide aging parents with additional support while allowing them to maintain a separate dwelling. Compared to senior living facilities, the cost savings often justify the expense of building an in-law suite.

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*If you are looking for something more sophisticated than any of the log cabins listed in this post then take a look at these amazing pre-built cabins and custom designs from Poland (all available for shipping to the US and Canada)