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17 Best Custom Tiny House Trailers and Kits with Plans for Super-Tight Budget

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How much can entry-level tiny house trailers cost?

We are talking about only one type of small homes here – tiny houses on wheels.  Right away most of the people will start comparing these tiny house trailers with RVs and mobile homes but there are a few major differences between these three.

  1. Living in an RV feels like you’re living in an RV encapsulated inside non-breathing walls made out of plastic.
    RVs can cost between $10,000 and $300,000 (A median sale price for a home in the US is around $232,000 as of July 2018)
  2. Living in a mobile home can be pretty close to tiny house living if they are built from the same quality materials. The only difference would be that mobile homes are larger than tiny homes and thus can’t be towed by a truck that can easily tow a tiny home trailer.
    The price range for the tiny houses on wheels and mobile homes is comparable: from $35,000 to $100,000 depending on the level of customization.

As you can see, it’s possible to find really cheap used RV for $10K-$15K in a really desperate situation. However, we all want to live the American dream and tow a real house with a rocking chair on a porch behind our monster trucks. How tiny this home could be is not really a question but it must be a real thing!

So, how much for this tiny dream?

A very rough estimate for a 16′ to 20′ long starter trailer house is around $30K with the following break down:

  • $25,000 for quality building materials;
  • $10,000 for appliances.

Can you save on materials? Sure, and many do. In addition, many tiny home builders offer different solutions where they can ship you prefab kits and instructions on how to put everything together. Plenty of choices for any type of budget.

So, what are the reasons some people would choose to simplify their lives and pick tiny living?

tiny house trailer advantages - a few reasons to scale down and consider building your own tiny house

1. Tiny House Trailer – Wind River Bungalow

Tiny House Trailer - Wind River Bungalow - One of the 17 Best Custom Tiny House Trailers and Kits with Plans, the most affordable tiny houses on wheels. You can order a shell to be built or build it yourself using this mobile tiny house plans saving thousands of dollars. #tinyhouse #tinyhouseplans #minimalism #diy

Buy plans here

For tiny home enthusiasts, living within driving distance from Chattanooga, TN, The Wind River Bungalow Co. is a good choice for a few reasons.  The company supports the DIY mindset, which helps people to save money on things they can do themselves. Wind River can provide you with a shell at any stage of completion based on customer’s preferences.

If you have access to cheap or free building materials and know-how to do everything by yourself then just go ahead and buy a set of building plans for around $150.

How to build a tiny house trailer on a budget doing some of the work yourself.

Here is an example of what else can be done with your trailer house project.

*The estimates below are based on a 24′ x 8.5′ x 13.5′ bumper-pull tiny house shell with the “standard” finishes:

1. The Guru shell (for the most experienced DIYers)- $18,500
You will get a fully dried-in exterior (ZIP system, OSB sheathing, and finished metal roof) – minus the window and doors.

2. The Pro Shell (For those who feel confident dealing with electrical, plumbing, and all interior finishes on their own)- $29,500
Includes the above plus completely finished exterior with painted LP “smartside” siding, vinyl windows, and a painted fiberglass door. The inside is a blank canvas for you to complete.

3. The Expert Shell (electrical & plumbing included, you’ll handle all the interior finishes, plus cabinets, and fixtures)- $35,200
This option includes everything in the Pro Shell plus roughed-in electrical wiring, plumbing, and closed-cell spray foam insulation.

4. The Enthusiast Shell (You’ll have to do the cabinets, storage, and fixtures) – $42,500
Includes everything in The Expert Shell as well as wall and ceiling coverings (pine tongue and groove) and finished floor (3/4″ oak hardwood).

2. The Vantage by Tiny Heirloom

Created by the stars of the HGTV series Tiny Luxury, this amazing tiny home trailer shows an incredible level of craftsmanship.  Tiny Vantage is unbelievably cozy and spacious at the same time due to the elegant wooden interior combined with huge panoramic windows that help to bring marvelous outdoors in. Even in the smallest 16′ variation, it looks impressive.

Tiny House Trailer - The Vantage by Tiny Heirloom - One of the 17 Best Custom Tiny House Trailers and Kits with Plans, the most affordable tiny houses on wheels. You can order a shell to be built or build it yourself using this mobile tiny house plans saving thousands of dollars. #tinyhouse #tinyhouseplans #minimalism #diy


Tiny Luxury team members really know what they are doing!

For budget-minded “tiny house trailer” customers they have a few DIY options:

We know that many aspiring tiny house owners have a strong do-it-yourself mentality, that’s why we’re excited to start taking orders on “The Perfect DIY Shell” – a jump-start on your journey to building your very own tiny house. With these tiny house shells, we’ll take care of the trailer, wall & roof framing and sheathing, as well as the first layer of weatherproofing. Then you’ll take over from there and use your creativity and personal touch to finish up your tiny house just the way you like. If you would rather us take care of the exterior, windows, and door, our finished exterior kit is going to be the best fit!

DIY Tiny Home Shell Pricing Examples

  • 18 FT-long tiny home kit – $15,000
  • 22 FT-long tiny home kit – $17,000
  • 26 FT-long tiny home kit – $19,000

What’s Included

  • Your Choice of Tiny Home Plan from our Options (2 roof styles, 4 lengths)
  • Tiny House Trailer
  • Framing – Kiln Dried Dimensional Lumber, CDX Plywood on Walls & Roof
  • 1 Loft – 8 Foot Loft with 1” x 6” Tongue and Groove Pine Flooring
  • Worry-Free Protection – Air and Water Barrier DuPont Tyvek HomeWrap on walls

3. The Craftsman by Tiny HeirloomTiny House Trailer



The Craftsman tiny house trailer model is for the customers with a strong feeling of nostalgia. Craftsman houses are uniquely American. They began to appear around 1905 in Southern California and now are becoming popular again, charming home buyers with intricate wooden details.

4. The Emerald by Tiny Heirloom

Tiny House Trailer


Although The Emerald seems to be larger than the previous models from Tiny Heirloom, it will never hurt to ask the building crew what can be done to lower the cost. It looks like a real Craftsman home but still, you may easily take it on the road.

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