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17 Best Custom Tiny House Trailers and Kits with Plans for Super-Tight Budget

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10. MiniMotives Tiny House on Wheels by Macy Miller

Tiny House Trailer


Macy designed and built this tiny ~200 sq. ft. house with some help from her friends without hiring an architect or professional builders. It took 18 months up to the point when it was possible to move in and 6 more months to put the finishing touches. Amazingly, Macy spent a mere $13,643.31 including all additions and renovations. You can see the detailed budget on here blog.

To reduce building expenses, she began to ask around at a few local construction sites for excess materials. She managed to find all the wood needed for only $300 from one site that had over-ordered. The same strategy worked out even better when she was given the windows by another construction company that ordered more than they needed. The boards from old shipping pallets from a farm nearby and a floor dealer worked well for siding.

Macy’s tiny home turned out to be big enough for 4 people and a dog.

The composting state-of-the-art toilet was the most expensive part of the tiny house biting a $2,000 chunk out $12,000 of the original budget. Utilities, like gas, electricity, and water, range from about $8.00 a month in the summer to about $50.00 in the winter. Rent for an empty lot where the house is currently located is $200 a month.

This project shows that with enough motivation and some creativity anyone can become a homeowner spending one half of what Americans pay for a new car.
Paying $200 for Macy’s detailed drawings is well worth the price if you would like to replicate what she has managed to accomplish.

11. “Don Vardo” Tiny Wagon-House by Katy Anderson

Tiny House Trailer

Buy “Don Vardo” floor plans and get more information here

The Don Vardo tiny house trailer is a great starter tiny home project, perfect for a detached office, guest quarters, or a weekend get-away or hide-away.  It’s beautifully designed and inviting space with a dreamy arched ceiling, though many will find it better for occasional use than as a full-time residence

12. “hOMe” – a modern tiny house on wheels

Tiny House Trailer on wheels

Get detailed plans and instructions on how to build “hOMe”

Andrew and his wife, Gabriella are the creators of “hOMe”, the 207 SF (+110 SF in lofts) modern tiny house trailer. They live and work in hOMe full time, off-grid, and debt-free. With that extra time and money, they travel and enjoy time together as a family.

Although it’s a tiny house, the Morrisons hOMe features a fully equipped kitchen, a 3/4 bath, and a full staircase to get up to the bedroom loft.

The Morrisons spent around $33,000 to build their house, furniture and appliances included.

“I have been a professional builder for roughly 20 years and I can tell you from experience that paying someone to build your house will likely double the total cost,” A. Morrison said.

13. Terraform One – 250 sq ft Modern Tiny Home on Wheels

Tiny House Trailer - Terraform One - 250 sq ft Modern Tiny Home - One of the 17 Best Custom Tiny House Trailers and Kits with Plans, the most affordable tiny houses on wheels. You can order a shell to be built or build it yourself using this mobile tiny house plans saving thousands of dollars. #tinyhouse #tinyhouseplans #minimalism #diy

Terraform is simply a perfect home for a couple or even a small family who wants to live the tiny house life, but doesn’t give up on all the comforts of a larger home. The home was designed with the first time DIYer in mind with an extremely flexible interior that can be customized to fit your needs.

The house is super-easy to assemble and the shell of T1 can be done in 2 days. Just watch this short video below.

Terraform Tiny House Time Lapse Video

14. Miterbox – A Modern Retreat or Minimalist Flat

Tiny House Trailer

Buy plans for this tiny home here

The original Miterbox model was constructed spending only $22,000 (on materials). It’s a very compact house, with 122 square feet on the main floor plus a sleeping loft of 28 sq. ft. Its simplicity, clean lines, and sharp contrast are a modern twist on classic childhood drawings of a house.

The name was inspired by the carpenter’s miter box. The design gives extra attention to details,  features intersecting lines, and precise symbiosis of warm wood and cool metal.

Tiny House Trailer Miterbox - A Modern Retreat or Minimalist Flat - one of the most affordable tiny houses on wheels. You can order it to be built or build it yourself using this mobile tiny house plans. #tinyhouse

15. Young Man Builds $24K Tiny House Trailer + Winter Living Experience & Tour

Tiny House Trailer

Spending around $24K to build this tiny house may still seem a bit much for some but, keep in mind, that it includes the cost of a new custom trailer, new lumber, as well as the rent this young lad paid for the building space.

He and his girlfriend lived in the tiny home for a year and a half in Stouffville, Ontario (near Toronto) at an RV park where they legally parked their tiny house trailer year round and spent approximately $300/month on rent and $100/month on utilities.

16. Living in a Tiny House Heated with Free Solar Power in Canada

Tiny House Heated with Free Solar Power

Gabriel Parent-Leblanc built his tiny house to prove it was possible to live in a tiny house year-round in a northern climate using solar panels for heating. 2 years later, he not only proved it to be true but can also brag about having the smallest heating bill in his area. During cold winter months, he spends only $100 on heat, thanks to his solar air heater panel.

Every digital nomad would appreciate a large monitor! Though the house can be tiny, skimping on computer equipment is not an option, right?

Gabriel built his own tiny house with the help of friends. After that, he started the first tiny house company in Quebec, Canada: Habitations MicroÉvolution:

17. Magenta Tiny House Trailer Plans

  • Design: Joshua Woodsman (Pin-Up Houses)
  • External Dimensions: / 11′ 2″ x 6″ 2″
  • Height with trailer: 10′ 10″
  • Construction time: 3 months
  • Price of material + work: 11,000 USD
  • Material: waterproof plywood, spruce beams, and laths, polystyrene insulation.

70 sq. ft. (6,4 m2) DIY timber structure stands on a trailer with a total weight of 2447 lb / 1110 kg

Magenta Tiny House TrailerMagenta Tiny House Trailer was designed and built as a manifesto of temporary independent housing against debt. The house is really tiny and is built on a flat trailer. At the same time, the interior has enough room for a sofa bed, heating stoves, a chemical toilet, and a small kitchenette.

Magenta Tiny House TrailerSince the house is so small, the designer had to find the storage space in clever built-in furniture. Joshua (the designer) even proposed using some walls and ceiling net-stowing solutions creating sort-of fisherman hut interior decorating motives.

Magenta Tiny House TrailerThe kitchenette is equipped with a water tank, a gas cooker and plenty of drawers. Outdoor light and a tilting outdoor table allow you to spend romantic dinners anywhere in the countryside. 

Magenta Tiny House TrailerLet’s not forget about the most important feature of this tiny trailer house – its gorgeous exterior color! The logic here is simple. You’ll love your tiny Magenta so much that you’ll grow old with it. Then one day you may forget where you parked your precious home (we all have these moments). There is no chance of losing this Magenta house on any parking lot!

Just this one feature is well worth getting this house… 

Magenta Tiny House Trailer

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