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Craft-Mart was created to leave our tips, recipes, and unique perspective on all aspects of living for our kids and grand-kids. Instead of writing it down on paper that can be destroyed, we are creating an online directory which is available to everyone interested.

It’s not a secret: what is considered to be weird or unorthodox in some cultures can be widely acceptable and normal in others. Knowing Western and Eastern points of view on many subjects from the original sources gives us a unique perspective.

We create original content based on our own experiences, translate interesting articles and chapters from rare books and magazines and sometimes bring contrarian opinions on popular subjects if there is sufficient evidence of positive outcome.

Whether you want to try a healthy recipe, learn a new craft, try an interesting pattern, or pick up some tips, we are honored to be your guide in this process.

We want to share with you and get input from creative community with great ideas.