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10 unique plans of tiny homes and cabins with loft

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During tough economic times, tiny houses and cabins with a loft become a very attractive affordable option for people living on a limited income. While lofts often can’t compete with full-size rooms, they provide enough space for comfortable living, storage, etc. for singles, couples, and even small families.

Is building a cabin with a loft always a good plan? Considering that getting all the needed permits is not a problem, the main obstacle that we frequently see is a lack of unique tiny home and cabin plans for DIY enthusiasts in the US.

Huge home plans aggregator websites still feature mostly plans for houses larger than 600 sq. ft.

The collection of cabin plans with lofts below is truly unique and designed for DIY builders with moderate building experience.

Elevated Beach Cabin with a Loft “Eva”

DIY cost to build $55,500

Built-Up Area: 640 ft²
Loft: 208 ft²
Porch: 175 ft²

Floorplans of Elevated Beach Cabin with a Loft Eva

Designed for small cabin high-rollers, the Eva cabin has almost all imaginable features and enough space to accommodate a family of four. Well, the $55K budget seems quite significant, especially during an economic downturn, but at the same time, this cabin can easily serve as the main residence if you’ll have to downsize.

Cross-sectionthese plans of the Cabin Eva

For this size of a house, we’d suggest slightly larger kitchen counters and replacing a shower with a small bathtub. The large porch with a solid cover is a big plus.

The living room may benefit from a larger side window to allow more light as it always makes a small space look larger.  It is important in this case as the main entrance light source is located under the porch cover.

Four Elevations of the Beach Cabin with a Loft Eva

Sporting well over 800 SQ FT in total square footage, this cabin with a loft has a nice layout and has plenty of storage space. Can it be improved? Of course, but it is a great starting point if you’re serious about going the next step beyond building a tiny cabin for a quick weekend getaway.

Get these cabin plans here.

A-Frame Cabin Plans with a Loft “Ruby”

DIY building cost $34, 000

Built-Up Area: 530 ft²
Loft: 140 ft²
Porch: 145 ft²

Floorplans of an A-Frame Cabin Ruby

A-frame cabin floor plans always attract attention and Ruby is not an exception. Its elegant and simple design is easy to understand. The sizable porch is a nice bonus addition to the 530 sq ft of covered area. 

Elevations of an A-Frame Cabin Ruby

Depending on the climate zone, you may want to extend the roof over the porch to protect it from snow, rain, or scorching sunlight. As a lot of homeowners now prefer to spend time outdoors on their patio, having a well-planned space is a great bonus.

Get A-frame cabin plans here

Tiny Cabin Plans with Porch “Harper”

DIY building cost $15,400
Built-Up Area: 323 ft²
Porch: 94 ft²

Small Cabin Plans with Porch

This cabin has a covered porch and a roof over the entrance door – what else can you dream of? Of course, the loft, which is pretty big judging by the cross-section drawing. The whole 323 sq ft house design is pretty solid, so it looks actually larger than the 530 sq ft A-frame cabin above.

Tiny Cabin Plans with Porch Harper

Small Cabin Plan with Porch (Harper) is a minimal traditional DIY tiny cottage. The addition of loft and porch make it perfect for a small family or a couple of empty-nesters.

You can also use it as a summer vacation cabin as it offers enough space for staying in while it’s raining. You can even host a BBQ party on the porch!

Cabin Plans with Loft Harper

Plus, the design of this DIY house plan is aimed to protect your piggy bank through our eco-friendly living solutions.

Get these tiny cabin plans here

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