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Prefab Tiny Houses You Can Order Online Right Now

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5. “Starlight” Prefab Tiny House Kit 

Priced under $18,000
*Please, go to this post to get an exclusive discount code for this cabin kit!

prefab tiny house kit with a loft
  • 237 Sq Ft main floor + 86 Sq Ft Loft
  • Milled from slow grown Nordic Spruce
  • Outside dimensions: 14’1″ x 18’4″

Are you a fan of hygge and Scandinavian-style minimalistic living? The Starlight tiny house is a product of the Scandinavian cabin design focusing on practicality and functionality. Spacious 237 SQF main floor area and a large 86 SQF loft, which is nice to have for additional sleeping space (or storage).

prefab log cabin kit for fast DIY assembly

As the roof angle is ideal for solar panels, this cabin can become an off-grid retreat for the environmentally-minded person.  Thicker than usual (2-3/4″) wall planks make it a very energy-efficient and well-suited cabin even for colder climates.

It is good to know that the assembly of this solid wood cabin takes about 2 days. Due to the height of this cabin, tiny home builders strongly recommend it as a “two adults project” for safety reasons. DIY simple step-by-step directions come with the kit and only minimal tools are needed. This prefab cabin kit includes all the parts and hardware except the roof shingles and foundation materials (not included).

Get more information about Starlight cabin here

6. “Escape” Prefab Tiny Log Cabin Kit

Priced under $4,800
*Please, mention a discount code ( CRAFTMART ) to get an exclusive $75 OFF discount!

tiny log cabin kit escape

This easy-to-assemble log Cabin kit comes with everything you need to put up your little vacation spot in no time. It can go right in your backyard, or on that little piece of land you own… It can be a really cool DIY project for teaching your teens something different than staring at their mobile phones for the whole day.

small log cabin kit escape

The door measures 30-5/8″ by almost 67″, so any desk or even a bed can easily fit through. The cabin stands 8’3” when it’s built, and it’s pretty wood exterior makes it a beautiful addition to your property, and the neighborhood.

Once complete, the cabin occupies 14’2″ x 14′ 7″ of space. The window is 44-1/8″ x 31-11/16″, so you can pop your head out to ask who needs a fresh ice tea! Put up a couple of patio chairs, and you’re all set for your great escape…

Interested to know more about this tiny cabin? You are not alone – this is one of the most popular cabins frequently purchased online! Contact the manufacturer here…

7. Prefab Cabin Kit Sunset – 162 SQ FT

Square Footage: 162
Priced under: $8,850

Sunset tiny log cabin kit has a classic design with lots of windows and double glass doors that make it a light and airy room. It is made of solid Nordic wood with 162 square feet of fully lined internal space. The 2 ¾” thick walls insulate against the winter freeze and the heat of summer, making it perfect for all-year-round comfort.

Sunset log cabin kit
  • Inside Floor Area:162 Sqf 
  • Wall thickness: 2-3/4″ ( 70 mm)
  • Ideal home office, summer guest house, or garden shed
  • The estimated assembly time is 2-3 days for two adults

DIY simple step-by-step directions come with the kit and only minimal tools are needed. Important to know: this item includes all the parts and hardware except the roof shingles and foundation materials (roofing shingles approx. cost $150.00 and foundation materials approx. cost $170.00). *

Its spacious feel is enhanced by double glass doors opening onto an optional thermo-treated solid wood deck with a gable terrace roof for additional handy useable space.

Sunset log cabin could have multiple uses depending on your needs: a home gym, a pool house, an artist’s studio, a home office, etc. It can even double as extra sleeping space when visitors come to stay.

Everything, except shingles, is included in this DIY cabin kit:

  • Foundation/Floor Beams
  • Floorboards
  • Rafters
  • Ceiling boards
  • Walls
  • Doors and Windows
  • Hardware for assembly

Get it here
*Please, mention a discount code ( CRAFTMART ) to get an exclusive $75 OFF discount!

8. Tiny Prefab Cabin “Pinecrest”

Square Footage: 123
Priced under: $6,250

It was designed as a pool house but you absolutely do not have to have a pool in order to get this charming cabin!  You may call it a Tea House or whatever you’d like. In any case, it will add a touch of elegance to your beautiful garden! Invite your friends to have a tea party with biscuits or host a craft party. 

Tiny Prefab Cabin Pinecrest

Soon you’ll be treated like royalty in your circles. Is it worth $6,250 (log cabin cost)? You decide!

This cozy cabin will be a focal point of any garden or yard. It is built from high-quality Nordic wood. Assembly of this solid wood structure takes a full day for two adults. DIY simple step-by-step directions come with the kit. What would you need to assemble it? Another adult (to make it faster and safer), measuring tape, level, box cutter, drill, hammer, screwdriver, saw, pliers, and ladder. This Cabin Kit includes all the wood parts and hardware except the roof shingles.

This tiny house is a cute and budget-friendly option that comes with free shipping and is under $6,500. Hopefully, you will not need to go through a loan consolidation after getting this one 🙂

Get this tiny prefab here
*Please, mention a discount code ( CRAFTMART ) to get an exclusive $75 OFF discount!

9. Solar Energy-Powered Expandable Prefab Module Container House

From low $17,800s

Solar Energy-Powered Expandable Prefab Tiny Container House

WZH Prefab House company also known as WZH Modular House has a few new listings on Amazon hoping to attract Tiny “Green” Enthusiasts with its optional solar panels kit.

The company’swebsite has the following information for their shipping container homes cost:

  • $17K price is just for the main steel container with doors, windows, and an electrical system.
  • Adding the solar system will set you back for $5,000. An expandable hydraulic system is around $3,600.
  • If you are on the market for all the appliances shown on the photos plus sofa, table, and high-end toilet then be ready for the final installment of $4,200. 

Paying a total of $30,600 for this beautified 20 FT x 40 FT  shipping container with fancy appliances can be risky. On the other hand, if you will order this shipping container house through Amazon not only the risk will be minimized but also the price will be much better (around $25,000 plus $1,000 shipping at the time of writing).

Check out this model as well. For some reason, it is priced lower (~$1,000 less).

*If you are really interested in building a shipping container home read this post about 15 different companies that can help you with getting the right permits, designing, and building your containerized home.

10. The Riverside – Small Prefab Cabin Kit

Under $29,200 (See our exclusive discount here!)

log cabin kit - tiny home with a porch

The Riverside log cabin kit for DIY assembly comes with vaulted ceilings of more than 11 ft. of headspace provides 359 sq. ft. of livable space and includes a pretty sizable covered porch. High-quality kiln-dried Baltic spruce wall logs and a sturdy purlin roof system with tongue and groove deck boards ensure that your investment will last for years to come.

tiny cabin with a loft

Exported from the EU through one of the US dealers, the Riverside is simply perfect for DIY enthusiasts. Why would anyone choose this EU-made log cabin? Well, Finland and Germany in the EU are famous for beautiful and extremely affordable log cabins that are made with exceptional quality. Guess what? These tiny home cabins are manufactured right there…

The Riverside prefab tiny cabin kit is the perfect example of such outstanding craftsmanship.
Check out our exclusive discounts for this model and other EU-manufactured cabins here!

11. Sunset Prefab Cabin Kit

Priced under $8,700
*Please, go to this post to get an exclusive discount code for this cabin kit!

Sunset tiny cabin kit made of solid wood

Sunset cabin kit can be easily assembled and serve not only as a cabin or a shed but also as an art or crafts studio. With plenty of windows and double glass doors, you may take advantage of natural light. The kit is made of solid wood with 162 square feet of fully lined internal space. Although the 2 ¾” thick walls insulate against the mild winter cold and the heat of summer, installing the AC/Heater combo is recommended.

Ordering from the manufacturer may save you a few hundred dollars if the kit is on sale. You can also request custom modifications before placing the order.  

Get more information or order this cabin here

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