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Easy Owl Drawing Step-by-Step Tutorial

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An easy owl drawing is very popular among nature lovers and art enthusiasts.

In fact, some of the ambiguous owl habits make them the most interesting birds created by nature. For example, children love to learn to draw owls and color them. In general, you may draw an owl in many different ways.

As a matter of fact, learning the basics like the names and shapes of an owl’s main body parts will help children achieve better results.

Art Supplies for an Easy Owl Drawing

To clarify, which art supplies are the best for an easy owl drawing? In this case, you may use either a pack of colored drawing pencils or a set of markers. For instance, pencils are more forgiving, so young beginners will feel more confident.

draw an owl

A note regarding drawing on tablets or computers.

drawing an owl for kids

Do we want our kids to have at least a few basic skills? In fact, writing and drawing on paper with your own hand is one of the most important skills in addition to growing your own food. Furthermore, can your kids survive long electricity blackouts without electronics?

An Easy Owl Drawing Step-by-Step

Step 1

Firstly, start by outlining the general shape of the owl’s body.

start your owl drawing

Step 2

In addition, add wings on both sides of the owl’s body.

drawing owl's body

Step 3

Similarly, outline the upper part of the face by adding eyebrows.

drawing owl's head

Step 4

Equally important, draw the beak.

drawing owl's face

Step 5

Finally, add huge eyes.

drawing owl's eyes

Step 6

Now it’s time for drawing ears and feet.

drawing owl's ears and feet

Step 7

The final touches – add feathers everywhere.

drawing owl's feathers

Step 8

As a result, you have the finished owl drawing. Finally, you may color this cute bird.

finished owl drawing

An Easy Owl Drawing for Older Kids

Step 1

For older kids, we start with more complex head and body shapes.

drawing owl's head and body

Step 2

Add feet and wings to your owl using dashed guidelines for perfect positioning of the owl.

drawing owl's wings and feet


After finishing the general outlining, we start bringing more details to the ears and owl’s head.

drawing owl's ears

Step 4

Be particularly careful when drawing a face. Start from the beak in the middle and then add both eyes.

drawing owl's face

Step 5

Add feathers to the chest and all over the body but don’t get carried away.

drawing owl's body

Step 6

Add feathers to wings.

drawing owl's wing

Step 7

Draw feet with claws.

drawing owl's feet

Step 8

Our line drawing is done.

finished line drawing of an owl

Step 9

Coloring an owl is not as exciting as coloring a butterfly, for example.

coloring owl

Step 10

That’s how your finished owl drawing should look.

finished drawing of an owl

Hopefully, your owl will turn out better than our example – students simply have to surpass “the master” or there will be no progress.

Super-easy owl drawing tutorials for small kids

What if our realistic owl drawing tutorial is too hard for small kids to follow? Not to worry! We have a few simple cute owl drawings that even the youngest kids can easily copy.

simple owl drawing for children

Coming from, this truly easy owl drawing example is one of the favorites among the youngest kids. What we like in this tutorial is that the very first step correctly shows a general body outline in a shape of an oval with two small round eyes on its top.

Way too often you come across people starting their drawings by drawing in full detail ears, eyes, or other small body parts.

First of all, always start with positioning your whole subject on paper. Second, add smaller body parts like feet. Finally, draw details such as toes, claws, and everything else.

Drawing “the Windows to the Soul.

Do you remember that quote: “The eyes are the windows to the soul. They don’t lie.”?

easy owl drawing tutorial

Source: diybunker

Are you drawn to these large mesmerizing eyes of the cutest owl you’ve ever seen? Well, suddenly something easy and fun to draw like this cute owl seems to be a pretty serious matter – you are creating the Windows to the Soul…

Again, all the steps are showing the same correct approach. First of all, start your drawing from large general forms moving to fine details later (not the opposite way).

We collected only those easy owl drawing ideas which can help you learn the best way to become a good artist. In our experience, practicing different ways of drawing an owl can often result in much better results.

As an illustration, you may clearly see it in the picture above – just draw a small oval with two cute ears on top. Indeed, something easy and fun to draw…

Cute owl drawing by CuteEasyDrawings

From cuteeasydrawings comes something super-cute and special – a small owl with puppy eyes.

cute owl drawing with puppy eyes

Before anything else, let’s state the obvious – this creature has a graduation hat and it looks gorgeous in it! So, don’t get carried away with drawing it first – you have to deal with the body’s outline first.

Consequently, after you master your owl drawing, you can use it for a hand-made graduation card.

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