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Owl Crafts That Are Simply Amazing

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Owl crafts are trendy among kids and adults alike. As a matter of fact, you’ll be amazed how many creative craftsmen explored cute owl craft ideas.

You can crochet an owl, make it out of old jeans, or a wood slice. You can paint or draw a cute owl. Moreover, you can cross-stitch it, or make it out of buttons and burlap.

So, have a hoot and explore our collection of fantastic owl crafts for kids and adults.

1. DIY Owl Pinata

Whether you are a kid or an adult, pinatas are a staple of parties. What if you can create your own DIY owl pinata using simple supplies?

An Owl Pinata

Source: DIY Owl Pinata

2. Easy Burlap Owls

These easy burlap owls don’t require any special skills. As a result, you’ll have a cute no-sew DIY craft that is easy and cute.

No-Sew Burlap Owls

Source: DIY no-sew burlap owls

3. Wood Slice Owl Craft

What a hoot this clever owl is! In that case, you’ll use a big wood slice and simple kitchen items to create an amazing craft owl.

DIY Wood Slice Owl

Source: DIY wood slice owl

4. Cross-Stitch Owl Crafts

Cross-stitching is a wonderful way to explore some of the cutest owl crafts. You can find a variety of cross-stitch owl ideas right here on our Pinterest board.

Cross-Stitch Owl Craft

Source: Cross-Stitch Owl Craft

5. Denim Owl Crafts

In general, we all have a favorite pair of jeans. Consequently, there comes the day to say goodbye as you can’t wear them any longer. In that case, you can turn your wearables into the cutest DIY craft creation.

DIY Denim Owls

Source: DIY Denim Owls

6. Crochet Owl Amigurumi

In case you are looking for a cute crochet owl, this free pattern is for you. In fact, it is a quick project to make as a gift for a birthday or baby shower to show your love.

A Cute Crochet Owl

Source: Crochet Owl – free pattern

7. Crochet Owl Shawl Hedwig

As an illustration, there is another creative way of using owls in art and craft projects. This paid crochet pattern was created by Petra Perle. Furthermore, you can explore other crochet shawls with owl motifs.

Crochet Owl Shawl Hedwig

Source: Crochet Owl Shawls

8. Pine Cone Snowy Owl

Kids love owl crafts! As an illustration, you can easily make this snowy owl with pine cones. In fact, this craft project is budget-friendly as it requires just a few simple supplies: pine cones, felt, googly eyes, and cotton balls.

Pine Cone Snowy Owl

Source: Pine Cone Snowy Owl

9. Owl Crafts: Painted Rocks

Altogether, rock painting is a fun art project for kids, Furthermore, it is a fun way to learn about nature and learn about different types of owls.

Owl Rock Painting

Source: Owl Rock Painting

10. Macrame Owl Wall Hanging

Creating an owl wall hanging is a fun way to explore the wonderful craft of macrame. As a result, you will have a creative decorative addition to your home decor.

An Owl Wall Hanging

Source: Owl Wall Hanging Tutorial

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