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100+ Best Free Nursery Printables and Wall Art

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Are you searching for some cute free nursery prints?

Baby room décor is important but may cost you tons of money.

Not to worry! We searched and evaluated hundreds and hundreds of FREE nursery printables.

We found the best nursery art in many different colors so you can pick and instantly print the ones that will match your nursery decor perfectly!

All you need is to scroll down and choose the cutest animal prints or other types of baby wall art with free instant downloads.

Preparing your home to welcome a new bundle of love in the family could be a daunting task. There are so many big and little tasks that young moms could be easily overwhelmed and exhausted…

These nursery prints are also great for:

  • unique baby shower gifts,
  • decorating kids bathrooms,
  • game room wall art (especially map and other educational prints),
  • birthday gifts (prints on canvas),
  • Christmas gifts (personalized canvas prints)

We grouped all free printables into several popular categories, so you can easily browse this whole collection and find what you are looking for:

  • Black and White Neutral Modern Nursery Printables (8)

  • Educational Free Printables (25+)

  • Cute Fairy Tale Animals Prints (6)

  • Patterns and Animals Prints – (10)

  • Cute Quotes and Saying Wall Art – (8)

  • Nautical Nursery Art Prints – (24)

  • Adventure Awaits Nursery Wall Art – (13)

  • Woodland Animals Nursery Theme  – (15)

  • Cute Animals and ‘I Love You’ Alphabet (11)

Don’t forget the best part – these wonderful, cute, whimsical, and clever artworks were created by talented designers and creative moms for their homes and nurseries and shared with you – absolutely free.

1. Black and White Neutral Modern Printables for Kids

Love these modern printables! They will go great with any modern nursery decor so if you want to print them out, frame all of them (or just one), and give away as a baby shower gift you don’t have to worry about the gender of the baby (if it is a surprise) or the color scheme that the parents have picked.

Also, these modern prints will be a great addition to a toddler’s room or a bigger kid’s room as a black and white decor is really trendy (and timeless). These artworks will also be great as playroom printables. You can pick and choose or print all of them as a set of free printables.

Black and White Neutral Modern Nursery Printables #BlackandWhiteModernNurseryPrintables #freeprintables #freenurseryprints #nurserywallart
Click on the source link to go to the source and download free printable:

1. Arrows (Source)

2. Best Kid Ever (Source)

3. Grow Up (don’t) (Source)

4. Heart (Source)

5. I love You The Mostest (Source)

6. Sleepy Eyes (Source)

7. Play All Day (Source)

8. You are Smart… (Source)

2. Educational Free Nursery Printable Wall Art (25 free printables)

We all want our kids to learn as soon as possible and grow up smart and knowledgeable. What can be better than introducing educational wall art printables early in their lives? At that time kids are like sponges and absorb information, math, and languages with such ease that adults and older kids cannot simply replicate.

So, start early and grab those free educational printables that will not only decorate your nursery but give your kids a much-needed jump start. These free educational printables are also great for a playroom or homeschooling classroom.

Educational Nursery Wall Art Free Printables #AlphabetNurseryPrintables #freeprintables #freenurseryprints #freenurserywallart #FrenchAlphabetNurseryPrintable #SpanishAlphabetNurseryPrintable #MapoftheMoonfreeprintable #3Dlettersfreeprintables #USAmapfreeprintables #statesfreeprintables

Alphabet Posters Free Printables (each poster is available in 4 sizes – the largest is printed on two 8.5″x 11.5″ pages that can be framed together):
9. alphabet (English)
10. alphabet (French)
11. alphabet (Spanish)
12. 3-D letters
13. Map of the Moon
14. USA map (color)
15. USA map (states)
16. alphabet flashcards

3. Cute Fairy Tale Animals Art Printables (6 printables)

Love, love, love those cute animals’ printables! What a great baby shower gift wrapped with something handmade, as a crocheted baby blanket!

You can also use these free printables to decorate a nursery on a budget (FREE!) by printing the whole set of six, just a rabbit and a lamb, or a triptych of three animals in a row.

Cute Fairy Tale Animals Free Nursery Printables

Little Rabbit (white little rabbit, light teal background, tulip) – Source
Little Lamb (yellow background bubbles) – Source
Little Rabbit (white little rabbit, blue background, spinner) – Source
Little Lamb (blue background with the balloon) – Source
Little Rabbit (white rabbit, yellow background, blue star) – Source
Little Lamb (light teal background, bird) – Source

4. Patterns and Animals – Modern Nursery Printables

If you are into stylish patterns, these printables are just what you have been looking for. Cute baby animals on a blue background will make a stylish addition to a boy’s nursery while designer silhouette glitter animals on a scalloped or herringbone pattern will go perfectly with a plethora of designs.

Patterns and Animals Modern Nursery FREE printables #freeprintables #freenurseryprints #freenurserywallart #cutenurseryprints #cuteanimalsfreeprintables #animalsfreenurseryprintables
Baby Animals Nursery Printables (Blue)
23. Navy, white and gray giraffe – by
24. Cloud, white and gray giraffe – by
25. Navy, white and gray elephant  – by
26. Cloud, white and gray elephant – by

Glitter silhouette Animals – Free Printables
26. Fox (herringbone pattern) – Source
27. Fox (scallop pattern) – Source
28. Owl (herringbone pattern) – Source
29. Owl (scallop pattern) – Source
30. Deer (herringbone pattern) – Source
31. Deer (scallop pattern) – Source

5. Cute Quotes and Saying Nursery Wall Art – 8 Free Printables

If you are into quotes and saying, check out these free printables – they are cute and witty. You can express your thoughts and add some free wall art to your nursery or baby’s playroom. The black and white quotes are so versatile that they go with any decor so you can mix and match them with other free printables.

Cute Quotes and Saying Nursery Wall Art Free Printables #freeprintables #freenurseryprintables #freenurserywallart #cutenurseryprints #cutequotesfreeprintables #freenurseryprints

32. Hello Handsome – Source: onlybyinvite
33. I want to bear hug you – Source: onlybyinvite
34. Be-You-tiful – Source
35. Enjoy the little things – Source
36. Straight Line – Source
37. You are so loved (blue) – Source
38. You are so loved (pink) – Source
39. I Love you to the Moon and Back – Source

6. Nautical Nursery Art Prints – 24 free printables

Nautical Nursery Art Prints - free printables #freeprintables #freenurseryprintables #freenurserywallart #cutenurseryprints #nauticalnurseryprintables #freenurseryprints

40. Whale (grey)
41. Whale (white whale, blue background)
42. Be yourself (blue little whale)
43. Be yourself (pink little whale)
44. Lighthouse (navy blue)
45. Lighthouse (gray wavy background)
46. Anchor (6 printables available in different colors)
47. Sailboat (5 free printables available in different colors)
48. Deep Deep Love
49. Lighthouse (yellow canary – 5 different colors available)
50. Rolling as a Mighty Ocean

7. Adventure Awaits Nursery Wall Art – 13 Free Printables

ADVENTURE AWAITS - FREE Nursery Printables and wall decor #freeprintables #freenurseryprintables #freenurserywallart #cutenurseryprints #tribalnurseryprintables #adventureawaitsnurseryprintables #dreamcatchernurseryprintables #freenurseryprints

51. Bind My Wandering Heart
52. Three Arrows
53. Three Feathers
54. Dream Catcher (blue & Tan) – 5 free printables in different colors available
55. Dream Big, Little One (dark gray)
56. Dream Catcher (pink)
57. Dream Big, Little One (blue)
58. Chief free nursery printable
59. Antlers Art – free nursery printable
60. Teepee Nursery printable

8. Woodland Animals Nursery Theme – 15 Free Printables

Woodlands Nursery Theme Animals - free printables #freeprintables #freenurseryprintables #freenurserywallart #cutenurseryprints #woodlandanilsnurseryprintables #bearnurseryprintables #owlnurseryprintables #foxnurseryprintables #freenurseryprints

Bears – 5 printables available in different colors and with different backgrounds
61. Woodland Bear – Brown Free Printable
62. Be Brave, Little Bear
63. Woodland Bear – Blue, Free Printable

Owls (5 printables)
64. Gray Owl Nursery Art Printable (white background)
65. Owl and Tree Free Printable
66. Grow Wise, Little Owl Free nursery printable

Fox (5 printables)
67. ‘Stay Clever, Little Fox’ Printable (blue background)
68. Fox Nursery Free Printable
69. ‘Stay Clever, Little Fox’ Printable (white background)

9. Cute Nursery Prints – Elephants and ‘I Love You’ ABC (11 free printables)

We were glad to found these simply adorable cute nursery prints designed by very talented Kelly of the Chickadee Art and Company, a busy mom of three who not only runs her company but also gives back 1 of each 3 dollars earned to support moms in need of transportation.

So, if you are looking to buy some great artwork for your home, there are also art prints available for sale, like personalized floral nursery art printable, besides the free printables featured in this collection.

Cute Nursery Prints - Elephants and 'I Love You' ABC (11 free printables)

67. Elephant and Butterflies Printable
68. White Elephant on Light Gray Background
69. Elephant and Balloons Printable
70. White Elephant on darker Gray Background
71. Gray Elephant on White Background
72. Elephant Holding Balloons Printable
73. ABC ‘I Love You’ – 5 different designer colors available

So whether you are looking for a unique gift for a baby shower or decorating your own home nursery, you’ll find tons of inspiration and great free printables in our collection. We checked every link to make sure that all free printables are available and can be easily downloaded.

We would be also updating and improving this collection, so if you are running a blog and have original free nursery art printables to share, please let us know through Pinterest comments and we will evaluate your artwork and add it to this collection if it meets our standards.