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Fall Bullet Journal Examples for Creative People

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What is a Bullet Journal and should you start one?

Have you seen your friends’ bullet journal ideas and examples? If you haven’t heard about bullet journal (or #bujo, for short), you have probably just landed here from Mars or Venus.

As a matter of fact, the bullet journal trend has been around for a while. Perhaps, you may be wondering if you really need to dive into the bullet journaling world now.

Fall bullet journal page ideas and examples #bujo #bulletjournal

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To put it simply, you may need to try bullet journaling if you:

  • have a lot of creative ideas that you need to organize and visualize;
  • have a really busy life and a long to-do-list (a.k.a. mom);
  • want to put your budget and monthly spending under control;
  • really enjoy scrapbooking, stationary, pens, lettering, doodling, and calligraphy;

Most importantly, look into bullet journaling if you want to:

  • want to become more organized;
  • want to take your organization skills and planning to a new level;
  • are a DIY crafter, crochet, or knitting aficionado who wants to keep track of patterns and projects;
  • want to try goal-setting and habit-tracking to improve your business or blogging skills;
  • just want to try something new (always a good idea).

Does this sound like something you would like to try and need some inspiration? In summary, we have compiled an inspiring collection of fall bullet journal page ideas and examples from Instagram.

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What is the bullet journal system and how to use it?

First of all, Bullet Journal is an organizational system that helps you keep track of everything in your busy life. In short, it is sort of a life hack – an organized visual board that helps you keep track of everything:  business meetings, goals, books to read, places to visit, and projects to try.

Most importantly, it may help you with meal planning and shopping lists while adding a little bit of creative and artistic flair.

Consequently, a bullet journal can be your organizer, planner, sketchbook, or diary but for most, it is all of the above and so much more.

Noteworthy, it is YOUR bullet journal so you can decide how it looks and what you want to keep track of. It can be as unique and creative as you are.

Finally, a little bit of trivia:

Who created the first bullet journal?

Ryder Carroll, a Brooklyn-based product designer, is credited for inventing the bullet journal system. A lot of resources and inspirational bullet journal page ideas are free, but you can still buy an original bullet journal that Mr. Carroll designed in partnership with notebook maker Leuchtturm1917. There is also a bullet journal mobile app.

What are the best bullet journal notebooks?

Whether you are eager to start bullet journaling or just want to see bullet journal examples, just stop by your local craft store and check their isle dedicated to journals and organizers (don’t forget the clearance aisle, as it may have last season favorites just at the right price).

While every bullet journal enthusiast has its own faves, here are a few of the most popular brands for bullet journals:

What are the best pens for writing and drawing in Your Bullet Journal?

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1. November bullet journal page idea for the cover.

Fall bullet journal page ideas - fall doodles #fallbujo #bulletjournal

Source: Instagram

2. Fall bullet journal example: November bullet journal doodles

Fall bullet journal page ideas and doodles - fall doodles #fallbujo #bulletjournal

Source: Instagram

3. Example of a Fall bullet journal: October bullet journal cover page

Fall bullet journal page ideas - fall doodles #fallbujo #bulletjournal

Source: Instagram

4. Another Fall example: Coffee!

Fall bullet journal examples and ideas - fall doodles #fallbujo #bulletjournal

5. Fall bullet journal page ideas: September phases of the moon

Fall bullet journal page ideas - phases of the moon #bujo #bulletjournal

Source: Instagram

6. Pumpkins bullet journal page ideas


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Give ‘em pumpkin to talk about 🎃 🎃 🎃 . . 📸: @bujo__gram . . . . . . #bujo #bujobeauty #journal #bulletjournal 

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7. Monthly budget bullet journal page ideas

Black and White November Bullet Journal cover

Source: Instagram

8. Beautiful flower drawings

9. Travel spread bullet journal page ideas


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Here is the London spread I promised in my story! I really enjoyed drawing this (especially Big Ben!) 

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10. Fall bullet journal example: weekly spread with awesome pomegranate doodles


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I haven’t posted a completed spread in awhile, here is one of my October #weeklyspread. This was one of the first few spreads where I decided to experiment with watercolour in my bullet journal . It was quite the learning curve for me, being new to watercolour and also trying to push the boundaries of my paper. I learnt very quickly that I couldn’t use much water at the one time, and that I needed to wait for it to dry between layers . Some people are surprised that we can use watercolour in our notebooks, especially because these notebooks were never designed for watercolour. Let me tell you, it can be done! My paper was quite porous, ink/fluid seemed to seep into the paper a lot quicker than the LT/STM. The paper didn’t give you much time to move the water around before it started to set. I learnt to work very quickly and with very minimal water, therefore I never got bleed through . I think most notebooks can be watercoloured on, you just need to know the limitations of your paper and adjust accordingly ❤️ . 

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11. Fall bullet journal example: Let’s Slow Down


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I might need this on a t-shirt 😆 

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12. Fall bullet journal example: November #bujo cover page


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November Setup # #bulletjournalfall 

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13. Fall bullet journal example: fall #bujo doodles

14. “Hello, Fall!” bullet journal page ideas 

November Bullet Journal Cover

Source: Instagram

15. Fall bullet journal example: Visiting Disney Castle


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You can’t do a Disney theme and not have a Disney castle, am I right?? I thought I would finish my theme with a bang 💥 . I didn’t initially plan to have the castle take up this much space on the spread 😣. Usually when I draw, I like to start out with drawing shapes to denote how large I want the drawing to end up being. This technique prevents me from drawing too large, which is a habit I have of doing if I don’t place any restrictions on myself. But this time I didn’t do that, I just went straight into drawing the castle and now the functionality of my spread is paying the price 😂 . What techniques do you guys use to help with your spreads? . Nonetheless, I’m still very happy with how this turned out! I even used the gold pen to add some highlights, just to make it that little bit more special 😍 

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16. Fall bullet journal example: beautiful weekly spread with rose doodles

Fall bullet journal examples - fall doodles #bujo #bulletjournal #travelersnotebook #monthlyspread #bujoideas #bujoinspo #bujomonthly #bulletjournaladdict #bulletjournalcommunity #bujobeauty #bulletjournallove #bulletjournaling #bulletjournals #bujoweekly #bujoinspiration #fallbujo

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