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How to: Two-point Perspective Drawing Ideas for Beginners

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In this blog post, we will explore some two-point perspective drawing ideas that range from easy to complex. The difficulty level of the ideas depends on several factors. Although most of us are familiar with single-point perspective drawings, two-point perspective is more critical for creating realistic and visually engaging drawings.

This technique, along with single-point perspective, helps create the illusion of depth and dimension in your drawings and paintings. Three-point perspective is another type of linear perspective that is also frequently used.

1. Modern Building

2-point perspective drawing of a modern building

For beginners, rectangular geometric shapes or simple objects like boxes are the easiest two-point perspective drawing ideas. However, art students need a more significant challenge, and depicting a modern square building in a city block may provide just that.

If you have already gone through a few one-point perspective step-by-step tutorials, dealing with two vanishing points instead of one will be a piece of cake.

More two-point perspective drawing ideas

2. Draw a Fish Tank

Fish Tank drawing using 2-point perspective

The fish tank drawing is another example of a box-like object which is pretty similar to the previous drawing of a modern building. The fish tank itself would be easy to draw. Furthermore, add other additional details such as fish and water plants. For beginners, it may serve as an easy first step for exploring this type of perspective. To make your picture more interesting, you may draw additional lines or patterns on the floor and walls.

3. Darawing of Rubik’s Cube

For the majority of people, a Rubik’s cube drawing may require much less time than solving the puzzle itself. Since the size of the cube is small, we customarily look at it from the top. Hence the following rule for two-point perspective: if the eye level is above the object, then the horizon line should also be above the object.

two point perspective drawing of Rubik's cube

To make it look more natural, spread both vanishing points far apart. Otherwise, your cube will look distorted resembling photos taken with a fish-eye lens. 

4. Draw a tiny house trailer

If you are dreaming about your very own tiny house trailer, perhaps it’s time to start sketching it up… It’s always exciting to work on something that can be used in real life. Just remember: begin with establishing the horizon line first and then add two vanishing points to it.

drawing a tiny house trailer

Then draw a box starting with vertical lines for each corner. Lastly, mark the height of the trailer on the closest corner. Then draw lines from the top and the bottom marks connecting them with each vanishing point.

5. Draw a castle

If you are enchanted by medieval times, consider drawing a castle. It is a fun project and can be easily accomplished by students of any level. The best way to start would be to draw a horizontal line a little below the middle of your paper.

drawing a castle

Remember that if you make the horizon line too high, then your drawing may resemble a bird-view picture produced by a drone. A low horizon line means a more majestic view.

6. Farmhouse Two-point Perspective Drawing Ideas

Drawing a farmhouse with so many details can be challenging and rewarding at the same time. Beginners often get bored with drawing oversimplified objects. So once in a while, it’s worth trying something more complex.

Farmhouse Two-point Perspective Drawing Ideas

This way you may find out your strong and weak points. Next time you have a pencil in your hand, you’ll know better what exactly needs more attention or improvement.

7. Drawing Furniture Pieces

In this example, we are going to show a few two-point perspective drawing ideas instead of just drawing a primitive barstool. You also will learn how to draw a modern window, a chessboard-type tile floor, and a few other elements of the room.

furniture drawing ideas with two-point perspective

Perhaps these drawing ideas and exercises may help you with your future interior design career.

8. Drawing a truck using the 2-point perspective

For boys, playing with trucks comes very naturally. So drawing one using two points perspective would be pretty cool too.

Drawing a truck using 2-point perspective idea

Trucks are super fun to draw because they come in many different shapes. They range from very easy ones to more complex ones. At the same time, they are not as challenging as the curvy shapes of sedans. So for beginners, trucks are perfect drawing objects to practice your two-point perspective knowledge.

9. Draw London’s Double-Decker Bus and The Tower Bridge

London is one of the sought-after tourist destinations and has a few very recognizable landmarks that can be used for drawing. In our collection, we have the famous London Tower Bridge and a double-decker bus.

Perspective Drawing of London's double-decker bus and The Tower Bridge

Having two objects in the same picture means having two sets of vanishing points. To complete this seemingly difficult task, draw the Tower Bridge first. The double-decker bus can be added later.

10. Parisian Street and Eiffel Tower

How about combining single-point and two-point perspective drawing? It can be done easily and in a very romantic way – drawing an imaginary Parisian street leading to the Eiffel Tower.

Drawing Ideas: a Paris Street and Eiffel Tower

We bet that using a Parisian urban scene for one and two-point perspective drawings would be more exciting than let’s say a rather boring railway track.

11. Master Your 2-point Perspective Drawing Skills on Cottages

To perfect your architectural drawing skills try working on the fine details of these small cottages.

Master your 2-point perspective drawing skills on cottages

Even if your architectural career dreams will stay as dreams, these drawings may be used as wall art.

12. Use Elements of Interior for Two-point Perspective Drawing Ideas

Here is an example of two interior pictures showing a few elements of interiors. From our history, we know that young artists often began exercising their skills by drawing common objects surrounding them.

Use Elements of Interior for Two-point Perspective Drawing Ideas

Learn how to draw furniture, windows, or doors. Ultimately, it is a good way to start learning two-point perspective since these objects are around so you can practice easily.

13. Using Different Types of Perspective in Your Drawings

Often artists have compositions with mixed types of perspectives. For example, on the top we have a three-point perspective cityscape, and on the bottom a mix of one and two-point perspectives.

Using different types of perspective in your drawings

While a single-point point perspective composition can be as powerful and expressive as other types, it often looks artificial. Two other perspective types are more frequently used by artists. 

14. Powerful One-Point Perspective Example

One of the most famous examples of a single-point perspective is The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci. The whole composition is based on a set of parallel lines of the table and the ceiling plus lines leading to the central point.

One-point perspective example by Leonardo da Vinci

At first, the parallel lines of the white tablecloth seem to be dominant forcing your eyes to go along them for a moment. 

However, the figure of Christ is in the center where all diagonal lines meet at a single point. This is where your eyes stop right away.

From this central point, you continue looking at both sides of the table recognizing one by one Christ’s disciples. Leonardo used this simple geometry of a point perspective room to tell us the Last Supper story without writing a single word. 

In modern fine art, especially cityscapes or landscapes with architectural objects, the two-point perspective ideas are prevalent. This type of perspective is also used in technical illustrations, interior design, and many other fields.

Just look around you and you will see an endless number of different things that you use every day. This is the easiest way to find many two-point perspective drawing ideas without leaving your home.

Are you new to one or two-point perspective drawing techniques?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Vanishing Points: Imagine standing in an open field and looking into the distance. You’ll notice that certain objects or details appear to converge and vanish at specific points along the horizon. These points are called vanishing points. To create a two-point perspective drawing, follow the steps of drawing a horizon line and two vanishing points.
    *In the case of drawing a three-point perspective, the third vanishing point is added either above or below the horizon line.
  2. Imaginary Lines: From each of the two vanishing points draw imaginary straight lines extending outward. These lines intersect and create a right angle.
  3. Creating Depth: When you draw structures like buildings using a two-point perspective, their edges follow these imaginary lines. As a result, the building appears to recede into the distance, giving it a three-dimensional look.
  4. Examples: Let’s explore some examples of two-point perspective:
    • Two Roads Meeting: Imagine a road stretching into the distance. The sides of the road seem to converge at two vanishing points.
    • Corner of a Building: Picture a tall building on a street corner. The edges of the building follow the lines of perspective, emphasizing its height and depth.

Are you looking for more drawing ideas?

Check out these tutorials with free printables to make practicing your drawing skills a breeze: