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10 Pool House Plans: Modern Designs and Ideas

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Pool house plans should be on your list if you want to transform your outdoor living space into a luxurious oasis. In this collection of floor plans by Architectural Designs, we will explore modern pool house plans that will elevate your backyard pool area to a new level of sophistication and functionality. Transform your own backyard into a nice place to relax with these trendy pool house designs.

1. Backyard Pool House / Exercise Room / Guest House

pool house / guest house floor plan

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This outdoor structure has a foundation plan of 16’x16 giving it enough square footage for a storage space, a full bath with a walk-in shower, and a spacious living area with a vaulted ceiling. A facade has a 4-foot-deep vaulted covered porch with timber trusses that give this pool house its rustic appeal.

The 10’x15′ main area has plenty of natural light, making this versatile plan a perfect solution if you need a workplace close to the main house, a gym, a guest house, or a stylish pool house. 

2. 349 Square Foot Pool House with a Wet Bar

349 Square Foot Pool House with a Wet Bar

Source: Pool House Plans Collection by AD

If you need an entertainment oasis by the swimming pool, this open floor plan with a wet bar should draw your attention. A well-equipped bar features an under-the-counter refrigerator and a modern sink. Vaulted ceilings give this living room plenty of natural light.

3. Modern Farmhouse Guest Cottage or Pool House

Source: Pool House Plans by AD

Among the variety of styles, this popular pool house floor plan may be the right plan for you. With 360 square feet of space, it can serve as a functional pool house to enjoy after a long day of work or a perfect place for occasional house guests. A beautiful outdoor kitchen has plenty of space for outdoor furniture and enjoying BBQs with friends by the pool.

4. Pool House with Shop (or Garage)

Pool House with Shop/Garage

Source: Pool House Plans by Architectural Designs

This design stands apart among pool house ideas and a wide variety of garage plans. If you have specific needs to combine a workspace and a pool house, this floor plan is for you. It has a spacious living room, a covered patio, and a great shop/garage big enough for 2 cars. It is unique if you need to add multifunctionality to your poolside structures.

5. Pool House with a Large Covered Porch and a Fireplace

Poolhouse and Garage All In One

Source: Architectural Designs

This attractive pool house will be a great addition to your new home if its style is Craftsman, New American, or Modern Farmhouse. Perfect for entertaining on hot summer days, this outdoor pool house plan comes with a spacious covered patio and outdoor grill.

Large sliding doors provide a seamless transition from the dining area into the living area with a cozy fireplace and built-in bookshelves. Additional amenities include a half bathroom and a room for pool equipment.

6. Modern Pool House for a Narrow Lot

Modern Pool House for a Narrow Lot

Source: Pool House Plans by AD

This contemporary pool house provides various options for entertainment both indoors and outdoors. A convenient bi-fold door opens to a changing area with a bench and hooks. A full bathroom and mechanical room add functionality. Furthermore, an outdoor full kitchen on a covered patio adds to the enjoyment of exterior space.

7. 600 sqft Mid-Century Modern Pool House

Source: 600 sqft pool house plan

As pool houses come in a variety of shapes and sizes, this popular 600 sqft plan has lots of amenities. Inside you will enjoy a full kitchen with an island, a snack bar, and ample seating. You will also find a full bathroom/changing room and a sauna on the list of additional amenities. A built-in grill is located under the covered roof next to an outdoor shower making it a great place for entertainment. Clean lines with dark vertical siding black accents give exterior elevations a trendy mid-century look.

8. Open Pool House Gazebo with Outdoor Fireplace and Fountains

Open Pool House Gazebo with Outdoor Fireplace and Fountains


As a perfect entertainment oasis, this open gazebo-style pool house is ready to welcome your guests. The covered patio is great for any time of day and night with a fireplace for cool nights and refreshing fountains for hot summer days. The plan offers a space with a built-in grill, a sink, and a refrigerator.

The decorative niche in the center is a great space for watching a game with friends on TV. Is this a great design for a man cave or a game room? The plan is missing shower facilities which your guests have to use at the main home. At the same time, it offers a storage area and a half bath with a side entrance.

9. Pool House with Studio and Rec Room

Pool House with Studio and Rec Room


Whether you need a new pool house, a mother-in-law suite, a home office, or a man/woman cave, this is a perfect pre-made plan to meet all your needs. This pool house plan has a 16′ by 8′ glass garage door that connects the vaulted rec room with bar to the covered patio on the side. A studio has its own full bath and laundry room with sliding doors that lead to the covered patio. What a fabulous guest house for friends staying for the weekend! This paradise is only missing a hot tub for full happiness. 

10. Charming Pool or Guest House

Charming Pool or Guest House

There is plenty of character in this farmhouse-style pool/guest house. Make a note of barn doors, board and batten siding, a gabled roof plan, and a square-based cupola on the top. French doors on each side of the main entry offer ample natural light. Furthermore, a wrap-around counter in the kitchenette provides ample seating.

In recent years, it has become trendy to create a multifunctional space with the right home plan. While a dedicated pool house plan has a sole purpose for such a structure, this plan offers flexible functionality so you can use it as a comfortable guest house when needed.

What’s Included with Each Pool House Plan?

All professionally-designed plans by Architectural Designs include:

  • Cover Sheet that shows the front elevation, typical notes, and requirements;
  • Exterior Elevations including exterior materials, details, and measurements;
  • Floor Plans showing the placement of walls, the dimensions for rooms, doors, windows, stairways, etc.;
  • Electrical Plans showing the location of outlets, fixtures, and switches;
  • Foundation Plans with details of the layout and construction of the foundation;
  • Roof Plan.

What is not included are Architectural or Engineering Stamps, Site Plan (both are handled locally if required), Mechanical Drawings, and Plumbing Drawings (handled by subcontractors).

Trendy Pool House Design Ideas

 From architectural elements that will enhance your design to creating functional spaces for guests and even incorporating a home office, check out the latest trends. Key features of pool house plans include:

  • covered, partially covered, or open lounge space;
  • changing area with benches, outdoor showers, etc;
  • grill, open kitchen, kitchenette, or full kitchen;
  • outdoor fireplaces or fire pits;
  • rec rooms;
  • mechanical rooms for pool equipment.

Additionally, we will discuss the importance of compliance with local building codes to ensure your pool house is safe. Get ready to revamp your outdoor living with these stylish pool house designs!

Architectural Elements to Elevate Your Design

When considering architectural elements to elevate your pool house design, it’s essential to focus on details that will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also improve the functionality of the space. From choosing the right materials such as natural stone or cedar for a timeless look, to incorporating unique elements for added visual interest, your choices will contribute to the overall ambiance of your pool house.

The most popular architectural elements in pool house plans are:

  • pergolas;
  • folding or French doors;
  • large windows;
  • stone, wood, and metal accents;
  • fountains;
  • fireplaces and seating areas.

Pay attention to these details to create a cohesive and sophisticated outdoor living space.

Creating Functional Spaces for Guests

To further enhance the usability of your pool house, consider creating a comfortable space for your guests. By incorporating features such as a cozy seating area, a wet bar, or even a small kitchenette, you can ensure that your guests feel welcomed and have everything they need.

Additionally, adding a guest bathroom with convenient access from the pool area can make entertaining a breeze and provide added convenience for your visitors. With the right design elements and thoughtful planning, you can create a pool house that not only looks stunning but also serves as a practical and inviting space for guests to enjoy.

Also, by incorporating a home office into your pool house, you will build a multi-functional space that caters to both work and leisure at different times of the day.

Using Your Pool House as Home Office

When incorporating a home office into your pool house, it’s important to consider how to seamlessly blend work and leisure within the same space. By choosing furniture and decor that reflects a professional atmosphere while maintaining a relaxing vibe, you can create a functional area that inspires productivity.

Opt for a desk with ample storage, comfortable seating, and sufficient lighting to ensure a conducive work environment. Additionally, consider incorporating elements of nature, such as potted plants or large windows with views of the outdoor surroundings, to promote a sense of tranquility while you work.

This dual-purpose space allows you to enjoy the benefits of working from home while also being steps away from the pool for a refreshing break.

Ensuring Compliance with Local Building Codes in the United States

Ensuring compliance with local building codes is essential when adding a home office to your pool house. By following these regulations, you can avoid potential setbacks and ensure your project is completed smoothly and efficiently.

This attention to detail will not only save you time and money but also provide peace of mind knowing that your pool house meets all requirements. With proper planning and adherence to local building codes, you can create a functional and stylish space that enhances your outdoor living experience.,

Incorporating architectural elements, functional spaces, and even a home office into your pool house design can elevate your outdoor living space to new heights of luxury and functionality. By ensuring compliance with local building codes, you can transform your pool house into a sophisticated oasis that meets your every need. Start planning your pool house transformation today and watch as your outdoor space becomes the oasis of enjoyment for everyone.