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A simple lion drawing with easy step by step guides

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Do you want to learn how to draw a cute lion cub?

Teach your kids this simple lion drawing! Younger kids for sure would prefer drawing this cutest little creature. As with an adult lion, we have a separate printable guide for this tutorial. Download it here.

Step 1 – Lion cub’s head

Since all babies have large heads, we’ll start by outlining it.

Drawing of a Lion cub's head

Step 2 – Paws and tail

We do not see much of a cub’s body, so we simply draw front and back legs and the cub’s tail.

Paws and tail outlines

Step 3 – Developing our lion cub’s face

Add little rough hairy lines on most of the cub’s face and make it smile.

Developing our lion cub's face

Step 4 – Eyes and ears

Draw big wide-opened eyes and even bigger ears. 

Drawing lion cub's Eyes and ears

Step 5 – Paws time

Now it is time to draw front legs and paws.
*Don’t forget that the cub’s chest right below the chin should be in front of the legs.

Drawing front legs and Paws

Step 6 – Hind legs and tail

This one is the easiest – just make sure that the hind paws are not lower than the front ones.

Drawing Hind legs and tail

Step 7 – Bringing some color

When you are adding color to your lin cub’s drawing, four colors would be enough to get started. The chest and the belly are usually lighter.

Bringing some color to the cub's drawing

Step 8 – Finishing cub’s drawing

Leave places for highlights in the lion cub’s eyes – it will make them stand out more. Your little baby lion cartoon is cute and ready to be hanged on the fridge or your kids’ art gallery wall! 

Finishing cub's drawing

Download our “How to draw a lion cub” tutorial in PDF format here

We hope you liked our simple drawing of a lion and a lion cub tutorials and would be able to practice it a few times to get better results!

Download our "How to draw a lion cub" tutorial in PDF format here
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Now you know how to draw a lion and a lion cub. Practice a few times for better results!

Don’t forget about art supplies for your drawings