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The best anti-snoring devices and natural remedies that actually work

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If your partner snores, don’t be in a hurry to get snore earplugs for yourself or a mouthpiece for a partner – there are a few truly the best anti-snoring devices and solutions worth trying before resorting to those common but not really effective remedies.

Snoring is the result of tissues in the throat relaxing enough that they partially block the airway and vibrate, creating a sound. Depending on an individual’s anatomy and other lifestyle factors such as alcohol consumption and body weight, the sound of the vibration can be louder or softer.


Anti-snore ring – one of the best anti-snoring devices you should tryanti-snoring ring device

This is a rather inexpensive but clever anti-snoring device that will not cause any discomfort. Combined with essential oils, anti-snoring ring often helps reducing snoring to the manageable levels. It is definitely worth trying.

Make sure to order the correct size.

Essentially, you should squeeze the ring tight enough to stay on, being sure to keep the flattened section against the finger on the inside and the “bump” against the finger on the outside edge of your hand. Don’t worry – it comes with clear instructions and is so small that you easily take it with you when traveling. Very handy!
This anti snoring ring uses an ancient Chinese Medicine therapy of acupressure. If you will be persistent enough to find the right acupressure point on your pinky, this ring will work very effectively as it does for 2/3 of all adults who tried it.

Anti-snoring pillows Anti snoring pillows

These are also called Wedge Pillows and they work nicely for reducing snoring as well as acid reflux that may interrupt your night sleep Do not get a pillow higher than 7.5 inches if you want a nice and comfortable sleep.

As with all other anti-snoring devices, there is a group of people that get truly amazing results and a few unlucky ones that can’t get any relief for multiple reasons. It is understandable, as we are all very different human beings. With less than 15% of negative reviews, anti-snoring pillows are among the most effective non-intrusive stop snoring devices on the market.

Snorebuster: the best anti-snoring device that trains youSNOREBUSTER

Snorebuster could be one of the best anti-snoring devices for people that happen to snore only when they are sleeping on their backs. Snorebuster is a training program which helps you train yourself to sleep on your side. For this reason, after about 10 nights, you should be snoring less. Results will continue to improve as you continue to use this device for more days and weeks. Eventually, Snorebuster can permanently eliminate snoring given that you do not snore sleeping on either of your sides.
Included in the SnoreBuster bracelet is a multi-function activity tracker which tracks calories, steps, and distance. The day/time is also displayed.
Here is how the process works:

When The Unique SNOREBUSTER App Detects Snoring Sounds It Will Send A Signal To The Wristband Which Will Then Vibrate.
The Strength Of The Vibration Is Adjustable So That The Snorer Will Be Aroused, But Not Awakened.
The Snorer Will Then Turn From His/Her Back, Where 70% Of All Snoring Occurs, To His/Her Side Which Stops The Snoring.

Chin straps – quick-fix anti-snoring devices Anti -snoring chin straps

This neoprene chin strap is fully adjustable and the creators promise that it will comfortably keep your mouth closed during sleep. It supposed to prevent the tongue from falling back and strengthen the soft palate to reduce snoring intensity. While it is definitely not a long-term snoring solution, it may help to keep snoring noises down.

Anti-snoring mouthpiece devicemouthpiece

Though it helps some snorers, here is a word of caution. One of the users wrote:

Did this product help reduce/eliminate snoring? Yes. I even felt like I slept better using it. However, it caused several other issues for me to the point that I couldn’t wear it. So I’m giving it 3 stars because I believe it works, but there are some sacrifices, at least in my experience. The biggest issue I had and the reason I stopped using the device is a severe dry mouth. Because this product keeps your mouth propped wide open all night, my lips, the inside of my mouth, and my tongue became so dry, chapped, and painful after about a week of use that I couldn’t keep using the product.

HailiCare Allergy Reliever Allergic Hay Fever Anti-allergy Anti-snoring DeviceHailiCare anti-snore device

This small device works with acupuncture points related to breathing system which may help with reducing snoring. Red light also is helpful with nasal congestion and stimulates much better and deeper sleep. Will it work for everyone? No, but the science behind it is solid. It is very affordable and there is no harm in trying it out. Just give it some time. It may become the very best anti-snoring device for you after all.

Nose Vents Anti-Snoring Device

If you don’t mind sleeping with 2 pieces of plastic in your nostrils then these nose vents could be the ultimate anti-snoring solution. They seem to work for a good number of people.

How to block out snoring noise? Try earplugs…

Of course, try the best earplugs to block out snoring noises and get some coveted rest.  No need for an explanation of how this device works. Though be aware that you would be just blocking the noise from your partner, not addressing the snoring problem. If everything else mentioned above failed then get these:
Snore-canceling headphones 
Can you fall asleep listening to the music? If you are sure about that then try these headphones, otherwise, stick to the earplugs.

How To Stop Snoring Naturally & Quickly


The best essential oils for the snoring problemessential oils for snoring

In addition to the mentioned above stop snoring contraptions it’s a good idea to use essential oils for snoring reduction.

Even if you don’t have a fancy ultrasonic diffusing device, inhaling essential oils before bed may help stop snoring problem. Of course, each person is different and what may work for some will not necessarily be effective for others. At least, using essential oils for snoring sounds a lot more pleasant than chewing on anti-snore mouthpiece or tossing around the bed with plastic vents stuck in your nostrils.

You must remember that there is no guarantee that certain essential oils will help with snoring. Every person is different and you will have to experiment and see what works best.

Thyme Oil

Thyme oil is known to soothe the nervous system, which is crucial for deeper sleep. Often, this is all you need to get rid of snoring problem in the bedroom.
Ways to Use – Mix equal parts of thyme oil with a carrier oil, such as olive or coconut oil, and apply it to the wrists and the bottom of the feet before you go to bed. Another way to use it would be adding thyme oil to any type of humidifier to improve breathing during the night.

Sage Oil

If the snoring problem is caused by a temporary illness, such as a common cold accompanied by a stuffy running nose or even sinus infection,  sage essential oil can be a really effective solution. It can relieve inflammation, while also helping to quickly reduce problems associated with sinus infections.
Ways to Use – mix 10 drops of sage oil in 1 teaspoon of coconut or olive oil and rub it on your chest before going to bed. Vapors of sage essential oils will help alleviate sinus problems for a deep, restful night.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus essential oil can really help with reducing inflammation in the airways, freeing up normal airflow. In many cases, people report reduced levels of snoring sounds.
Ways to Use – If you have eucalyptus trees growing nearby, just get a bunch of leaves and boil them in a large pan (1-tablespoons of leaves for a cup of water). You can also add a few drops of eucalyptus oil and a few drops of lavender oil in any type of humidifier and run it all night long.

Cedarwood Oil

By stimulating both the respiratory and immune systems, cedarwood essential oil can help reduce snoring. Similarly to eucalyptus oil, it can reduce inflammation, while keeping the airways to open.
Ways to Use – Though rarely used, cedarwood essential oil can be as effective as more popular thyme oil. Use it alone or mix with lavender and carrier oil of your choice (olive or coconut) and then apply to the neck, chest, or feet before bed.

Marjoram Oil

Another sinus-clearing essential oil that is famous for its ability to stop heavy snoring after only a few nights of continuous use is marjoram essential oil. Remember, even the best anti-snoring devices don’t work if you are not using them regularly. Marjoram oil is often used to treat sleep apnea – one of the main causes of snoring.
Ways to Use – one teaspoon of your favorite carrier oil with 4-5 drops of marjoram oil can be rubbed on your chest or feet before sleep. Same as with other oils, it can be used with an ultrasonic diffuser if you have extra-sensitive skin and prefer not to use essential oils topically.

This helpful Infographic below gives you a snoring test to understand and solve the problem.

INFOGRAPHIC snoring test

Looking for more natural remedies to help with persistent snoring problem? This helpful Infographic has a plethora of useful tips and you can read the detailed instructions here:
INFOGRAPHIC natural remedies for snoring