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18 Rustic Wall Art & Decor Ideas That Will Transform Your Home

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Rustic wall art and decor became fashionably popular recently giving a new life to many heirloom objects. In fact, they would be otherwise forgotten in the dusty attics of our ancestors’ homes.

  • Why are rustic wall decor ideas so popular in the country as they are in the city?
  • What is so heart-warming and appealing in rough textures, reclaimed wooden surfaces, and worn-out finishes?
  • Why do modern city-dwellers gravitate to mixing old with new in their high-rise jungle?

Many things in life, fashion, and interior design come full circle. And while we all long for the warmth of simple, earthy, and organic things, the design trends are pointing toward a rustic farmhouse look.

It may be overpowering and inappropriate to have rough exposed beams in a modern townhouse interior, but it is totally OK to add some finishing touches that rustic wall decor brings.

  • Rustic decor gives us a sense of connection to the past, our family history, and our roots.
  • Rustic wall decor teaches a new generation the art of reclaiming beautiful things instead of throwing them away.
  • It allows everyone to create a home atmosphere that is warm, welcoming, and inspiring.

In general, rustic wall decor is very forgiving and personal: if you like it and it tells your story, go ahead and use it.

Browse through some of the best inspiring ideas our team found on the web. As a result, it will help you to get started on your own wall decor project that will transform your home and tell your story.

In addition, look at our collections of more than 100+ free farmhouse printables and printables.

1. ‘Family Rules’ Rustic Wooden Sign

Obviously, every family needs some ground rules. Why not put them in writing as a reminder and inspiration for all family members? Furthermore, a crafty person can easily turn them into a quick weekend DIY sign.

In fact, you can also order it on Etsy if you don’t have the materials or time to do it yourself. As you can see, you may need some old boards for your reclaimed wood wall art.

No reclaimed wood? Not a problem! In that case, you may print it out and put your sign in a simple black frame for a modern farmhouse look. Be creative – add a rustic wooden background and customize it with your own family rules.

family rules rustic sign

Source: Etsy

2. Rustic Candle Holders & ‘Home’ Wall Art

Our team fell in love with this look: reclaimed vintage table legs were upcycled as DIY candle holders. As a result, you are giving a new life to something that would have been otherwise forgotten.

A combination of a white-washed frame with a simple wreath and a white ‘home’ sign looks great with dark rustic wood in the background. As can be seen, it is a great idea for a mantel or a floating shelf decor.

Rustic 'HOME' Sign

Source: Pinterest

3. Wood Branches Wall Decor

There is something warm and cozy about decorating with wooden branches… Of course, bringing nature in with this simple multi-panel wall art will add a touch of rustic flavor to any decorating style.

As a matter of fact, it makes an easy DIY project with a short list of supplies. Also, you can pick any tree branch outside, cut them into three pieces, and reuse existing picture frames.

Because of its simplicity, it is a genius idea for a modern home! Furthermore, it supports the “reclaimed wood” movement…

rustic wood branches wall decor


4. DIY Life Edge Floating Shelves

In the end, breaking the rules in interior design may pay big dividends. As an illustration, these rustic floating shelves make a bold statement.

Furthermore, they look modern, fresh, and airy in contrast to the white walls in this DIY kitchen remodel. Live edge or natural edge is more popular than ever and is here to stay.

In effect, this is a perfect example of a functional and completely natural rustic wall decor!

DIY live edge floating shelves


5. Mason Jars and Reclaimed Wood Light Sconces

Mason jars have been used numerous times in clever DIY projects. Consequently, they bring just enough rustic flavor in combination with black hardware and reclaimed wood in these simple light scones.

Can you do it yourself?

Mason Jars and Reclaimed Wood Light Sconces


6. Antique Mirrors for Rustic Wall Decor

You can upcycle Antique Mirrors as Rustic Wall Decor.

Lesson # 487 from Fixer Upper star Joanna Gaines: an antique mirror and the right rustic side table make a great wall decor statement for a modern farmhouse entryway or open dining room combination.

rustic antique mirror wall decor


7. Wooden Canoe & Rustic Sign Decor for Guest or Teen Room

This guest / visiting young adult room was a garage transformation brought to life by Chip and Joanna Gaines team for Fixer Upper. With a hint of a nautical theme in bunk beds’ design, a rustic canoe (aka bookshelf) is a nostalgic reminder of childhood fishing trips.

As a result, simple lines of bunk beds and floating shelves are anchored by a signature big rustic clock. In effect, it is a great wall decor element for any room.

Rustic Wooden Canoe Wall Decor Idea


8. ‘Yum’ Rustic Metal Sign

These rustic metal letters have been salvaged to make a bold statement for a rustic-meets-modern dining room. A DIY wooden light fixture and a single green branch in a large clear vase placed on a wooden tray complement this fresh look.

Under those circumstances, this project is less expensive than brand new shiny contemporary metal wall art!



9. Multi-Panel Antique Rustic Wall Art for an Entry Way

As one of these gorgeous vertical carved panels would look lonely on a wall above the rustic entrance table, the three-panel wall art creates balance for this bucolic yet sophisticated entryway space.

To point out, the greenery and a group of three wooden candle holders complete the look.

multi-panel rustic antique wall art


10. Farmhouse-style Stairway Gallery Wall

This beautiful and very personal stairway gallery wall will give your home warmth and personality. Wall antique wooden signs make a bold statement in this multi-panel wall decor composition.

With this in mind, let your imagination be your guide and integrate some of your family heirlooms, antique store finds, and personal treasures to make this wall decor really “yours.”

farmhouse-style stairway gallery wall


11. Rustic Wooden Chevron Sign ‘Be Our Guest’

This clever and whimsical sign would be a great addition to an entryway or guest room. With the right picture frame and some reclaimed wood for your wall art piece, this can be a fun DIY project for a crafty person.

In that case, you can add your own message in a white calligraphy font. As a result, you’ll create an interesting contrast with rustic wood texture.

Rustic Wooden Chevron Sign 'Be Our Guest'

Source: Pinterest

12. Easy DIY Rustic Dining Room Mirrors

This multi-panel wall decor is an easy weekend DIY project using cheap store-bought mirrors and white-washed frames. In that case, a clean green wreath with burlap hanger adds color and interest to this wall and goes well with a natural dining table decor.

Easy DIY Rustic Dining Room Mirrors


13. Rustic Wood and White Branches Wall Decor

As an iluustration, the play on contrast makes any wood and white branches decor a timeless classic. With this in mind, try creating your own by painting white some interesting branches that you picked in your garden or on a nature walk.

White Tree Branches

Sources: Pinterest &

14. Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

The classic colors of modern farmhouse design (white, grey, black, and green) work wonders in this cozy and airy bedroom remodel. Furthermore, add some accent pillows and wicker baskets as these decor elements help to personalize your space.

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Decor


15. DIY Scrabble Tile Wall Art

We love this very personal, playful, yet masterfully-balanced collage! Scrabble wall decor has been very popular for game rooms and kids’ rooms. Also, it can be a great addition to a modern rustic family room, bringing together family history, decor, and art.

DIY Scrabble Tile Wall Art Collage


16. Multi-Panel Inspirational Sign

We would all agree that real home is ‘a story of who we are’. In fact, even the best interior designers could not convince us to use certain items if they don’t ‘speak’ to our hearts.

With this in mind, make a bold statement and tell YOUR story while using simple frames and big panels with your favorite quotes.

Multi-Panel Inspirational Sign


17. DIY Rustic Mantel Decor

A rustic needlepoint loom serves as a simple wreath in this homey wall decor piece. As can be seen, a white-washed wood and a dark frame along with other charming eclectic finds create a unique mantel display that is both natural and homespun.

DIY rustic wall decor wreath

Source: Pinterest

18. ‘Wisdom Begin In Wonder’ Rustic Metal Sign

Magnolia market put rustic metal signs ‘on the map’ by shining a bright spotlight on local artisans. What makes it so appealing?

We all want to live our life with a sense of wonder so we can explore and learn. As an illustration, this creative metal wall sign with a famous quote by Socrates makes a perfect inspirational gift to decorate a teen room, study, craft room, or home office.

rustic metal sign