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10+ Best Affordable Prefab Tiny Homes You Can Buy

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Check out our collection of the best prefab tiny homes if you are tired of the never-ending cycle of expensive mortgages and oversized homes! Imagine a life where you can simplify, downsize, and still live comfortably.

We put many weeks of research into exploring the world of prefab tiny homes – the perfect solution for affordable living. Discover 10 modular tiny homes that will make downsizing a dream come true.

Whether you need a guest house or a second home, get a glimpse into a more sustainable and minimalist lifestyle. Explore different types of prefab buildings available in the United States, the cost of these homes, and the potential for rental income from your small house.

In recent years, more and more people have embraced the freedom and simplicity of the tiny house movement with these budget-friendly options.

Ready to pick the right floor plan and add one of the best prefab tiny homes to your shopping cart? Let’s explore our collection! Note that all prices are current at the time of writing and are subject to change by manufacturers.

375 sqft Tiny Prefab Model Jay by Orca

375 sqft Tiny Prefab Model Jay by Orca

Source: 375 sqft Tiny Prefab Model Jay by Orca

This steel-frame prefab tiny home is perfectly designed with 375 square feet of space. Use it as an addition to your property (ADU), a perfect getaway retreat, or a stylish granny pod.

While the company is based in British Columbia, the pods can be shipped to various locations including British Columbia, Washington State, Oregon & California.

Two Prefab Models by ZenniHomes

A $100 deposit will reserve your spot in the queue if you are ready to order one of Zenni’s innovative prefab models. Both The Citizen and The Denizen prefabs are designed to go off-grid and adapt to any environment.

You can live anywhere comfortably with optional solar panels, atmospheric water generators (AWGs), and separate plumbing for ‘gray’ and ‘black’ water.

Steel Frame Tiny Prefabs by ZenniHomes

Source: ZenniHome

392 sqft Steel Frame LitePod by Orca

If you are looking for quality at an affordable price point, check out the Lite Pod model by Orca. By combining functional design and a proprietary light gauge steel frame system, you’ll get a high-quality ADU for the price you can afford.

A flexible living space can accommodate multiple uses: a backyard gym, home office, mother-in-law cottage, or an ADU for additional income streams.

392 SQFT LitePod by ORCA

Source: LitePod by Orca

Farallon by Tumbleweed Houses

The first Tumbleweed Tiny House was built on a trailer. Because the tiny house allowed one to plant roots and be mobile simultaneously, it was named Tumbleweed.

Many tiny homes are purchased as guest homes or vacation cottages. Farallon model is also called a ‘big tiny’ as it maximizes the interior space; surrounded by a stylish exterior.

prefab mobile homes on wheels

Source: Farallon by Tumbleweed Houses

Prefab vs Stick-Built Homes

Stick-built homes are constructed on-site, piece by piece. While this allows for more customization and tighter quality control, it also comes with a higher price tag, longer construction time, and the potential for weather delays.

On the other hand, prefab homes are built in factory-controlled environments and then delivered to the site. This makes them a faster, more affordable, and more environmentally friendly option. However, you may have fewer design options to choose from, less chance to meet your specific requirements, and a lower resale value.

Ultimately, deciding between stick-built and modular homes depends on your individual needs and preferences. Whether you value flexibility and top-notch quality or speed and cost-effectiveness, there is a home construction method that fits your lifestyle. Let’s find the perfect fit for you.

Primary Types of Prefab Buildings

If you’re considering investing in a prefab tiny home, it’s essential to understand the different types of prefab houses available in the market. From modular homes to tiny home kits, each type offers its own unique features and benefits.

By exploring the inventory and reliability of prefab building manufacturers, you can find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and budget. Once you have a clear understanding of this important step, you can then navigate the process of obtaining building permits to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition from larger homes to new downsized little homes.

Here are the most popular types of modern prefab homes:


This is not your average shed you can buy at Home Depot to store lawnmowers. With rising interest rates and real estate prices, many of us are feeling the need to solve the problem of adding extra space.

Whether it is your backyard gym, home office, art studio, or gardener’s retreat, SmartSHED will provide a comfortable solution to your needs.

217 sqft Smart Shed by SMART PODS

Source: SmartSHED by SmartPads

Building Permits for Prefab Tiny Homes

When it comes to building permits for your prefab tiny home, it’s important to do your research and understand the local regulations. Whether you need extra storage or a rental property, you would need to understand building codes and specific regulations.

Building permits are necessary to ensure your new home meets all safety and zoning regulations. By working closely with local authorities, asking the right questions, and following the proper procedures, you can obtain the necessary permits to begin construction on your downsized dream home. Once you have secured the required permits, you can move forward with the next step in the process: determining the cost of your prefab home.,

Pre-Owned Prefab Tiny Home on Wheels for Sale

Sometimes you can save money by buying pre-owned tiny homes for sale when the owner needs a quick sale. For example, the price for this tiny home was reduced by $10K for a quick sale.

pre-owned tiny homes on wheels for sale

Source: Tumbleweed Houses for Sale

Cost of Prefab Home

Determining the cost of your prefab home is an essential step in the reliability of a prefab building manufacturer. Prices for prefab homes can vary depending on factors such as size, manufacturing process, high-quality materials, and design features.

It’s important to establish a budget and carefully consider all additional costs before committing to a specific prefab house. While prefab homes are generally more affordable than traditional homes, it’s still crucial to factor in estimated costs for delivery, installation, and any customization options you may desire.

By contacting a general contractor and working with a local building department, you can ensure that you stay within your budget while getting enough space in the tiny home of your dreams. Whether you need a full kitchen, double doors to accommodate wheelchair access, large windows, or more square footage, you should be prepared for added cost for customized prefab homes vs standard prefab homes.

This careful consideration of the actual cost of your prefab building vs rough estimates allows you to get plenty of room and maximize the functionality of your prefab tiny home while meeting your specific needs.

Nordic Prefab Tiny Home by ILUMHOUSE

Get excited because a game-changing company is entering the US market. Say hello to ILUMHOUSE, your go-to for affordable and stylish prefab homes.

But what sets them apart? Not only do they offer a range of standard models, but they also give you the option to customize your dream home. And the best part? ILUMHOUSE will ship your personalized home to any port in the US.

Prepare to be wowed by their signature design, featuring high-quality materials like locally harvested pine and a sleek metal roof. To top it off, they offer a modern exterior with a variety of spruce colors and textures to choose from.

Nordic Prefab Tiny Home by ILUMHOUSE

Source: Nordic Prefab Tiny House by ILUMHOUSE

Accessory Dwelling Units

Another way to enhance the value of your property is to add an Accessory Dwelling Unit (or ADU). These units can provide additional space for guests and renters or even a separate workspace.

By incorporating an ADU unit into your specific location, you can maximize its functionality and create a versatile living space that suits your needs. This extra space can also open up the possibility of generating rental income, making your tiny prefab home not only budget-friendly but potentially profitable as well.

Modern ADUs often have an innovative design, require less energy, and are placed on the lower end of this range of best prefabs.

Whiskey Jay Basic Cabin by Orca

Check these newest modular cabins suited perfectly to expand your living space. A distinctive overhang and covered deck, create the perfect spot for relaxed BBQs or stargazing. With a beautiful kitchen area and a well-appointed bathroom with ample storage, the Whiskey Jack cabin is designed for comfort and functionality.

Though Orca is a company based in Canada, they ship prefab homes to Washington State, Oregon & California.

341 SQFT Whiskey Jack by Orca

Source: Whiskey Jack by Orca

Potential for Rental Income

Consider the potential for rental income when investing in a prefab tiny home. By renting out your accessory dwelling unit without the maintenance headache of more complex homes, you can generate additional income.

This added revenue stream can help make your budget-friendly tiny home even more affordable and offset additional fees associated with ADUs. Additionally, renting out your tiny home can provide a way to share the benefits of small space living with others, while also giving you the privacy, enough room in your main house, or extra storage space.

Looking at the potential for rental income can offset the cost of a prefab home investment and make your downsizing journey even more rewarding.

Whether you are planning for country living or dealing with heavy snow, energy efficiency is another key consideration when choosing a prefab tiny home.

Tiny Villas by TOMUHAUS

Minimalistic modern design and turnkey finishes characterize these tiny prefab villas by TOMUHAUS. The standard features include natural cypress exterior slatted siding, quartz countertops in the kitchen, stone spa-style bathroom, and high-efficiency minisplit HVAC system. Whether you need a luxury personal retreat or a comfortable backyard guest house, you can reserve your Junior, Studio, 1-Bedroom, or 2-Bedroom Villa today starting at $85,000.

tiny villa by TOMUHAUS

Source: Tiny Villa by TOMUHAUS

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency is very important when choosing a prefab manufacturer and judging the quality of their work. With smaller living spaces, a variety of factors can be optimized to ensure cost savings and environmental sustainability.

Look for features such as energy-efficient appliances, solar panels, and proper insulation of glass doors and windows. As a result, you’ll reduce electricity usage and have plenty of natural light.

Investing in an energy-efficient prefab tiny home not only benefits your wallet but also reduces your carbon footprint. Prioritizing energy efficiency in your tiny home can lead to long-term savings and a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

By carefully selecting a prefab tiny home with energy-efficient features, you can enjoy a cozy and sustainable living space while minimizing your impact on the planet.

Ready to pick the right floor plan and add one of the best prefab tiny homes to your shopping cart? Let’s explore our collection! Note that all prices are current at the time of writing and are subject to change.

Turnkey ADU by Studio-Shed

turnkey ADU by studio-shed

Source: Studio-Shed (Summit Series)

Summit models are perfect for a small guest house, ADU, or a dream backyard art/craft studio. You can design your unit online and get a quote for your unit (plans and shipping), foundation, assembly, taxes & permits, including your total cost with financing.

AZURE Printed Homes

AZURE puts recycled plastic bottles to great use! These printed from plastic backyard structures arrive to your site ready to use, so there are no surprises and unexpected costs.

You can add heating and AC to feel comfortable in any climate and solar panels for energy sufficiency. From single-room buildings to tiny homes on wheels, you can find your tiny dream home right here.

AZURE printed tiny homes

Source: AZURE Printed Homes


In a world where less is more and big plans result in tiny living, prefab tiny homes offer better ideas for those seeking a simpler and more sustainable way of living. From different types of buildings to the potential for rental income, these budget-friendly options provide higher levels of customer satisfaction.

As you explore the diverse options available, remember that the key to finding the perfect fit lies in understanding your needs and priorities. Take the first step towards a more sustainable future by immersing yourself in the world of prefab tiny homes and discovering the bliss of downsizing.

In the words of Joshua Becker, “You don’t need more space. You need less stuff.”