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Modern Crochet Baby Blanket

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Learn how to create this modern crochet baby blanket using an easy crochet stitch. Most importantly, this fast blanket stitch is perfect even for beginners.

Modern Crochet Blanket

Are you looking for other blanket sizes? Check out our handy diagram to help you pick the right size for your DIY project:

Crochet Blanket Sizes

In addition, in this FREE CROCHET PATTERN, we are using a very popular yarn that is easy to find. Not only does it come in 44 lovely colors, but it is also versatile and easy to work with.

To clarify, we used Vanna’s Choice yarn by Lion Brand in two contrasting colors to create a modern color block crochet baby blanket. On the positive side, it is an easy-to-care silky-soft premium yarn.

Many crochet experts have tested it over time. Important to realize, it is a medium-weight yarn (4) and it requires a J/10 6 mm crochet hook.

Easy Crochet Blanket Stitch

To demonstrate how easy this crochet stitch is, imagine that it uses only 2 basic crochet stitches: chain and single crochet. For this reason, this stitch is so fast and easy.

Modern Crochet Baby Blanket

Surprisingly, this easy blanket stitch, called Single Crochet Mesh Stitch, is full of texture. At the same time, you’ll crochet the blanket repeating the same row over and over again.

Most importantly, this easy blanket stitch is composed of two basic crochet stitches: single crochet and chain. As a matter of fact, you’ll be repeating this sequence over and over again.

Video Tutorial for Single Crochet Mesh Stitch


These abbreviations are according to standard crochet abbreviations Master List by Craft Yarn Council.

ch – chain

ch sp – chain space

sc – single crochet

st – stitch

Materials for Modern Crochet Baby Blanket

Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice yarn in Linen – 3 skeins

Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice yarn in Dusty Purple – 3 skeins

Crochet Hook J-10 (6mm)


Tapestry Needle

Finished Size

30″ x 30″

Crochet Color Block Baby Blanket Pattern

Ch 102 with a light color (Linen) (any even number of stitches, if you need to modify the size).

Row 1

First of all, sc into second st from the hook, *ch1, skip 1 st, sc into next st.* Continue between * * to the end of the row, ch1, turn.

Row 2

Sc into first sc, *ch1, skip next ch sp, sc into next stitch.* Continue between * * to the end of the row, ch1, turn.

Row 3 – 10

Repeat row 2. At the end of row 10, pull through with a new color – Dusty Purple.

Rows 11 – 20

Repeat row 2 with Dusty Purple color.

Continue to alternate colors until you have 5 blocks in Linen and 4 blocks in Dusty Purple.

Cut your yarn, secure the last stitch, and weave in all the ends.

Modern Color Block Crochet Blanket