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Easy Crochet Stitch: Double V-stitch

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As an example, we are sharing this easy crochet stitch that is perfect for beginners. Consequently, you can use it to create infinity scarves, shawls, and baby blankets.

Double V-stitch crochet

In creating this sample, we used medium (4) yarn and J/10 5.75 mm crochet hook. As an example, Check out our helpful chart to pick up a hook for your yarn project.

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ch – chain

dc – double crochet

sl st – slip stitch

ch-sp – chain space

sk – skip

crochet stitch: double V-stitch

Special stitches

DOUBLE V-STITCH cluster: 2 dc, ch1, 2 dc into the same stitch or chain space.

As an illustration, to crochet a sample swatch and learn this easy crochet stitch, chain any equal number of stitches. First of all, we used a FOUNDATION CHAIN with 22 chains.

If you need to modify the width, chain any multiple of 3 plus 1. For example, in our case, we had 21+1=22.

After all, learning a new crochet stitch is fun! Most importantly, you’ll be adding another easy crochet stitch to your toolbox.

crochet double V-stitch tutorial


First of all, ch 3, 1 dc into the same stitch, ch 1, 2 dc into the same stitch. You have created a DOUBLE V-STITCH cluster. Skip 2 ch. DOUBLE V-STITCH cluster into the next stitch. Continue to the end of the row, DOUBLE V-STITCH cluster into the last ch.


Second, ch 1, sl into first 2 dc stitches from the previous row and ch-sp. Ch3, dc into ch-sp, ch1, 2 dc into the same ch-sp. *Skip 4 dc st from the previous row. DOUBLE V-STITCH cluster into the next ch-sp.* Continue to the end of the row ending with the last DOUBLE V-STITCH cluster into the last ch-sp.


Lastly, for row 3 and all the rows, repeat row 2. In summary, it is an easy one-row repeat stitch with simple dc V-stitch clusters.

Here is a quick VIDEO TUTORIAL to help you master this easy crochet stitch: