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Crochet Shawl “My Valentine”

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The crochet shawl ‘My Valentine’ is perfect not only for Valentine’s Day or Christmas. In fact, this lacy crochet accessory can turn any outfit into festive attire.

Most importantly, this lacy crochet pattern is much easier than it looks. Moreover, you can use any lightweight yarn for your crochet shawl.

Crochet Shawl My Valentine

To clarify, the original shawl was created with Patons Lace Sequin yarn which is hard to find in stores or online. A good substitute yarn would be Woolike™ Yarn by Loops & Threads (in red).

What’s the best yarn for a lacy crochet shawl?

Important to realize, that lacy crochet creations require lightweight yarn and smaller hook sizes. Otherwise, the crochet shawl stitch will look bulky which is not a good look for a lacy pattern.

With this in mind, you can pick any fine or super-fine yarn and add a thread of sequins for some extra sparkle. In fact, it is easier to add sparkle to any yarn than find the right shade that already has sparkle added to it.

Lacy Shawl My Valentine

What’s the best crochet stitch for a lacy shawl?

While there are many lacy stitches out there, pick the one with the basic crochet stitches you already know and have mastered. As an illustration, the lacy stitch for the ‘My Valentine’ shawl has both chain and double crochet stitches.

If you are familiar with these stitches, you will have no trouble mastering this lacy stitch. Keep in mind that it is slightly harder to crochet with fine yarn.

Overall, this pattern is for the intermediate crocheter. If you are looking for a beginner crochet project, check out these patterns:

Easy Lacy Stitch for a Shawl


  • Patons Lace Sequin yarn in red – 2 skeins (or substitute yarn Woolike by Loops and Threads)
  • 2.75 mm C/2 crochet hook
  • scissors
  • tapestry needle


ch – chain

dc – double crochet

ch-sp – chain space

sk – skip

st – stitch

Special stitches

Cluster stitch: 4 dc + ch 2 + dc into the same stitch.

Lacy Crochet Stitch

Free Pattern ‘My Valentine’ Crochet Shawl

Ch 70 (multiple of 5) plus 6.

Row 1

Next, dc into the sixth ch from the hook – the 5 skipped chains represent 2 ch + dc (3 ch); * sk 4 chains, 4 dc into the next st. Ch 2, dc into the same st.*

As a result, you have created a cluster (4 dc + ch 2 + dc). This lacy stitch consists of these clusters.

To continue, repeat * *. Into the last stitch, make 4 dc; ch 5 and turn.

Row 2 (and all other rows)

*Crochet cluster stitch (4 dc + ch 2 + dc) into the first ch-sp.* Repeat between ** to the end of the row, 4 dc into the last ch-sp, ch 5, turn.

Repeat row 2 until your shawl reaches the desired size. You should save a little bit of yarn to make decorative fringe.

Easy Lacy Scarf Pattern

How to attach fringe to your shawl

Finally, it is time to put the finishing touches. You can add fringe to your shawl using leftover yarn.

With this in mind, cut equal pieces of yarn 10 inches long. Next, put two pieces together and fold them in half. With a knot attach them to the ends of your shawl with an equal distance between them.

In summary, you can see that this free pattern is pretty easy. With a one-row repeat, you won’t have to remember elaborate instructions or consult a graph to crochet and finish your shawl.