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DIY Barrel Sauna Kits You Can Assemble in One Weekend

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Unexpectedly, barrel sauna kits are making their way into North America. For a long time, they were disregarded as rather primitive sweat lodges but in time more and more people started to investigate the difference between heavily promoted infrared saunas and traditional outdoor saunas. 

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Sauna Cabin Kit Novus L 70


43 Sq. Ft. Changing Room,
43 Sq. Ft. Hot Room,
Combined Sq. Ft.: 103

Overall Dimensions: 11″ x 18’2″

Sauna Cabin Kit Novus L 70 plan
Out of many outdoor sauna cabin kits, Novus L stands out as a modern, elegantly designed for virtually any backyard or garden setting. The sauna plans show two separate rooms similar in size and a small terrace with a bench for cooling down after a sauna session.

A nice thing about this particular DIY sauna kit is that you also may use it as a home office in case you are not a huge fan of sweat lodges. Another use would be a small art and crafts studio where you can work in peace.

DIY Sauna Cabin Kit Novus L 70

These DIY sauna kits are designed for quick assembly that can on average be completed by two adults in a couple of days depending on the size of the model. For non-DIYers, BZB Cabins and Outdoors is offering a complete assembly service. No matter what option you will choose you’ll have outstanding support that BZB Cabins and Outdoors provides to all of its customers.

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Wood Burning Barrel Sauna Kit W29 (Heater Included)


Inside Dimensions: 6’10” Deep x 7’2″ Wide x 6’8″ High
Outside Dimensions: 9’2″ Deep x 7’4″ Wide x 7’8″ High

The population of the Nordic EU Countries has known for centuries that saunas are extremely beneficial for health and well-being. The traditional saunas have been proven as an excellent way to relax and increase the oxygen flow in our blood. With this barrel sauna kit, you can get all these benefits without going to the gym or a pricey spa.

Wood Burning Barrel Sauna Kit W29 (Heater Included)

This DIY sauna kit comes with everything you need to get your outdoor sauna up and running in no time.  Two benches in the steam room are 6’10” long in case you’d like to stretch out and relax. At the time of writing, BZB has a special offer for a free upgrade to a wood door in case you’d like to add a more rustic look to your outdoor barrel sauna kit.

DIY Barrel Sauna Kit

As you can see in the pictures above, even one person is capable of putting together this W29 barrel sauna kit. It comes with a nice wood-burning Harvia 3 heater kit which includes a Schiedeli chimney. The sauna comes unfinished, so you will have to choose a perfect stain or varnish for its exterior.

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Outdoor POD Sauna Igloo Kit 40

Capacity: 8 Persons

Inside Dimensions: 4’4″ Long x 7’2″ Wide x 6’10” High Changing Room, 6’10” Long x 7’2″ Wide x 6’10” High Sauna Room
Outside Dimensions: 13′ Long x 7’6″ Wide x 7’6″ High

This outdoor sauna Igloo Kit 40 is a truly luxurious way to relax in a traditional sauna in your own backyard. in comparison with barrel sauna kits, this two-room sauna can hold as many as eight adults due to a wider space in the bottom part of the sauna.

Outdoor POD Sauna Igloo Kit 40

The two benches are located a bit more apart, as you may see in the picture. Beautiful Nordic Spruce is used for outdoor saunas comes unfinished, so it’s up to you to choose the stain. You also have a choice of a Harvia FLB-60 Electric heater or a Harvia M3 wood-burning heater.

The terrace is covered, so you may want to think about adding a couple of benches on both sides for cooling down after a hot sauna. The entrance door can be upgraded for the solid wood one – just ask about it during the ordering process.

Outdoor Sauna Kit - Igloo 40

Two tall windows visually connect your outdoor sauna to the surrounding nature. All roofing shingles and foundation materials are included in this sauna kit. Having your own luxurious outdoor is easier than you think.

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Outdoor Barrel Sauna Kit W2


Capacity: 4-5 Persons
Inside Dimensions: 6’2″ x 6’7″ Hot Room, 6’2″ x6’7″ Changing Room
Outside Dimensions: 13’2″ Wide x 7’11” Deep x 6’11” High

The oval shape of this barrel sauna kit provides more space and headroom. As you may see, 4-5 adults can easily sit in the steam room. In case you’d like to lie down, 2 benches can accommodate 2 people – perfect for everyday relaxation after hard work.

Outdoor Barrel Sauna Kit W2

Additionally, this particular outdoor sauna model offers 2 temperature levels for everyone’s comfort – choose the lower level seating for lower temperature or second level seating for higher temperature. Each sauna kit comes fully equipped with seats, doors, windows, and top-quality electric or wood-fired heating systems.

oval DIY Sauna Kit

The oval barrel sauna kit is designed for an easy DIY assembly that can on average be completed by two adults in a couple of days two depending on the size of the model. However, for non-DIYers, BZB is offering a complete assembly service that normally can be completed in one day. 

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2 Room Barrel Sauna Kit W34 (Sauna Heater Included)


Capacity: 6-8 Persons
Inside Dimensions: 6’8′ x 6’3″ Sauna Room, 6’8″ x 2’9″ Changing Room
Outside Dimensions: 11’2″ Long x 7’5″ Wide x 7’9″ High

This two-room barrel sauna kit has a large steam room that allows up to eight people and a small changing room. It is made of long grown and tense Nordic Spruce.

2 Room Barrel Sauna Kit W34

As always, this DIY sauna kit comes with everything you need to assemble it quickly and easily. The only thing you should add to it would be some kind of an entry porch.

Outdoor Barrel Sauna Kit

The sauna kit comes equipped with a Harvia M3 wood-burning heater. Beautifully shaped shingles and a curved entrance cover create a nice unique appearance. Your job would be selecting the right color of wood stain for your perfect outdoor sauna.

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