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Small Barndominiums Plans: the Key to Financial Freedom

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Small Barndominiums or ‘barn dominiums’ as people sometimes call them when searching for the latest trends, are popular solutions if you want to solve your housing problem quickly with minimal financial burdens.

If we look closely at the term BARN DOMINIUM (where the barn is a large farm building and do·min·i·um is absolute ownership and control of the property), the appeal for homeowners is obvious.

In brief, barndominiums or barndo combine the simplicity and functionality of the barn with the conveniences of modern living. Most importantly, barndominiums provide a place to live in the country and work close to home, illuminating long commutes.

Building a house or buying real estate property is the biggest financial decision of your life. Consequently, you must carefully weigh all the pros and cons. Furthermore, consider the future financial implications of your decision: property taxes, insurance, and maintenance being the biggest factors.

We have collected the most popular small barndominiums plans to help you in your decision process.

10 Best Small Barndominiums

1. Modern Small Barndominium 1000 sq.ft.

Modern Barndominium

Buy this floorplan by ArchitecturalDesigns

This small modern barndominium offers a space that combines comfortable living with a dramatic vaulted ceiling. As a result, you will have a modern home that feels much bigger than 1000+ sqft. This Metal Barndominium Plan was designed with a Pre-Engineered Metal Building (PEMB) in mind. A PEMB is the most commonly used structure when building a barndominium that allows you to save money.

2. 3-Bedroom Small Barndominium

3 bedroom Small Barndominium

Source: ArchtecturalDesigns

With 1,700 sqft of heated living space on 2 levels, there is plenty of space for all family activities in this small barndominium. This 3-bed, 2-bath house plan with a minimalistic exterior is geared toward those who want country living without the frills. If staying on budget while building a family ‘barn dominium’ is your goal, then this floor plan is for you. You can even save some money and add a wrap-around porch later.

3. 1,731 sqft Small Barndominium

Single Level Barndominium

Source: Buy this floorplan at ArchitecturalDesigns

If you are on the lookout for a single-level barndo, this floor plan may suit your needs. This barndominium floor plan delivered plenty of space with 3 bedrooms and modern rustic appeal. Matching front and rear porches provide ample outdoor living space to enjoy the countryside views. Furthermore, a spacious garage gives you space to organize a workshop or studio close to home.

4. 1700 sqft Small Barndominium

1,731 sqft Barn Dominium

More information about this BARNDO FLOORPLAN here

The open space concept is amplified by the kitchen, dining, and great room area in this functional barndominium design. The corner space of the kitchen delivers a pantry and a fireplace adds coziness to the large living area. With plenty of space inside the double garage and a bonus room above it, there is room for a workshop or studio close to home.

5. Small Classic Barndominium

Small Classic Barndo


Is this classic country barndominium your key to financial freedom? With 3 bedrooms, a large living/dining area, a porch, and a 3-car garage, there is plenty of room to enjoy country living at its best. The vaulted living room has a set of French doors that connect it to the front porch. Imagine sunrise with a cup of coffee and stargazing at night on your cozy private patio!

6. Small Modern Barndominium

Small Yet Spacious Barndominium


Check out how spacious well-designed small barndominiums can be! The heart of this house is the great room with a corner fireplace that adds warmth and character to the living space. With almost 1500 sqft of living space, 2 bedrooms, and vaulted ceilings, there is plenty of breathing room in this modern barndo. The two porches spanning the front and the back of the house provide an extra living area to enjoy the outdoors.

7. Small Barndominium with Large Patio

Small Barndo with Large Patio

Get this floor plan HERE

Be assured that you won’t feel claustrophobic in this small yet spacious barndo! With over 1500 sqft of living space, it feels much bigger than it is in reality thanks to functional design and high ceilings. Furthermore, an oversized garage suitable for a shop and a covered patio add rustic charm to this comfortable country home.

8. Barndominium with Shop

barndominium with shop

Source: ArchitecturalDesigns

Are you looking to build a small barndominium to accommodate your RV? This plan may be for you. This shouse” (shop + house) with 1200 sqft of living space, a carport, and a huge shop, is geared toward specific needs. On the side, a 16′ by 16′ overhead door has clearance for your RV or boat. Add to that the 60′-wide carport that spans the entire width of the home and you’ve got all your vehicles covered.

9. 1900 sqft Barndominium

1900 sqft Barndominium

Source: ArchitecturalDesigns

If you are looking for a modern barndominium to maximize your living space, this plan ensures a good work/life balance. This ‘barn dominium’ features 3 bedrooms, an open-concept living space, and a 3,240-square-foot garage. With 2 spacious patios, there is plenty of room for outdoor barbeque and enjoying countryside views.

10. Rustic 3-bedroom Barndominium

Rustic 3-bedroom Barndominium

Get this floor plan HERE

You will enjoy the clarity of this functional barn-style floor plan! The great room, dining room, and kitchen merge into one space to create a comfortable area for family and friends to enjoy while French doors take you outside. An open gable with decorative trusses adds rustic character to this small barndominium.

Why Small Barndominiums are the Key to Financial Freedom

Now that you have checked the collection of small barndominiums, we will explore why barndominiums are the key to financial freedom

Are you tired of feeling trapped by your financial situation, wishing for a way out that offers a unique and stylish living experience? Consider the barndominium – a trend revolutionizing how people approach homeownership.

From their cost-effective construction to energy-efficient living, long-term savings, and stylish comfort, barndominiums offer a pathway to independence, unlike any other housing option.

Join us as we explore the benefits of this innovative housing solution and discover how it can change your life for the better.

Cost-Effective Construction of Small Barndominiums

Barndominiums not only provide a unique living experience but also offer cost-effective construction methods that can help you save money from the get-go. By opting for a barndominium, you can often reduce construction costs compared to traditional homes, allowing you to invest your savings back into your financial future. This financial advantage sets the stage for long-term savings and financial freedom.

This emphasis on cost-effectiveness seamlessly translates into other aspects of barndominium living, including energy efficiency.,

Energy-Efficient Living in Small Barndominiums

This emphasis on cost-effectiveness seamlessly translates into other aspects of barndominium living, including energy efficiency. Barndominiums are inherently energy-efficient due to their open floor plans, which allow for better airflow and natural light.

Additionally, the metal construction of barndominiums provides excellent insulation, helping to regulate indoor temperatures and reduce energy consumption. By living in a space that is energy-efficient, you can further enhance your long-term savings and financial freedom.

Long-Term Savings

Another area where barndominiums can contribute to your financial freedom is through long-term savings. With their energy-efficient design, barndominiums can help reduce your utility bills over time. The open floor plans and metal construction of these homes promote better airflow, natural light, and insulation, ultimately leading to lower energy consumption.

By investing in a space that focuses on cost-effectiveness and sustainability, you are setting yourself up for financial stability in the long run. This commitment to practical living not only benefits your wallet but also aligns with the overall goal of achieving freedom from financial constraints.

Stylish and Comfortable Living

But living in a barndominium is more than just about aesthetics – it’s about creating a space that supports your family’s financial goals. By choosing a barndominium, you are not only embracing a trendy and modern style of living but also making a strategic decision towards securing your financial future.

In these unique homes, you can enjoy a blend of style, comfort, and practicality, all while setting yourself up for long-term financial stability. With a barndominium, you are not just investing in a home, but in a lifestyle that prioritizes both your present well-being and your future financial freedom.

Looking for more barndominium ideas? Check out this collection of floor plans:


In conclusion, barndominiums offer a unique path to financial freedom through cost-effective construction, energy-efficient living, long-term savings, and stylish comfort. By choosing to build a barndominium, you can take the first step towards a more sustainable and financially independent future.

So why wait? Consider the possibilities and start your journey towards financial freedom today. As the quote goes, “Building your dream home is about desire and fantasy, but it’s achievable; anyone can do it.” – Kevin McCloud