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Coolest Wooden Yurt Kits for Sale You Can Assemble in 3 Days!

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One thing one wouldn’t expect to see here in the US is DIY yurt kits for sale. We kind of got used to seeing log cabins and tiny houses but yurts cabins for sale? Weird, right?

What is a yurt?

Historically speaking, yurts are portable large round houses with thin wooden frames that were used by the nomadic tribes in Asia. The Mongolian type yurt is often considered to be the most popular but in reality, Turk yurts were and still are more widespread in many Asia regions. Naturally, there are a lot more authentic, beautifully decorated yurts for sale there than in the US.

The main difference between the Mongolian and Turk types of yurts is in the construction of the wooden frame.

  • The Mongolian yurts have 2 or more posts in the middle supporting the central ring. The lattice walls are usually vertical and the roof beams are straight.
  • The Turk yurts have curved thin beams that create some sort of a dome without any need for the central columns and the walls.
turk and mongolian yurt history and types of yurts

Why would one consider living in a yurt?

While modern yurts are often built using non-traditional materials, they are still a lot more environmentally friendly and affordable than standard houses. Mobility is another serious advantage over regular structures.

Yurt vs tiny house

The first thing that comes to mind when comparing these two is that a tiny house is a real house that can serve you for 25-40 years and a yurt is just a tent. Well, there is some truth to it. On the other hand, if you’d build your yurt house out of wood it may very well last as long as a tiny house. 

The main difference between these two types of tiny houses is in the usable interior space. Yurt by definition is always round with a high ceiling and a skylight in the middle. It creates a nice open space for living or other activities that require enough room for a few people.

Round houses are more energy-efficient than conventional rectangular homes because there is less dead space (i.e. corners) for cold air to collect and there is less drafting because the wind goes around the building rather than catch a large solid wall. Plus, for building the round home or a wooden yurt you’d use 15% – 20% fewer materials than for a traditional house with the square plan.

Wood Yurts vs Fabric Yurts

In the battle “wood vs fabric” the most important factors besides the budget are often mobility and longevity of the yurt. Fabric yurts can be perfect for many temporary seasonal events, for example. Wooden yurts are more in a line with permanent structures like homes and offices.

Fabric yurts

Depending on the size, fabric yurts can be assembled in one or two days by 2-3 persons. They can be packed down quickly and easily after the event is over. On the other hand, if one will decide to make a home out of a fabric yurt, a wooden deck or concrete slab foundation will be needed. Building a foundation can easily raise the cost of a yurt by 50-60%.

Yurt insulation will add more expenses for dealing with the floor, walls, and roof. Replacing thin plastic windows with glass ones will increase the final price to the point that you’d be wondering if a tiny house trailer would be a better and cheaper option. The yurt’s fabric is designed to last 10-15 years depending on the quality of the fabric and climate conditions. 

In short, buying fabric yurts make sense for temporary use when mobility is one of the most important factors.

Wooden Yurts

wooden yurt kits for sale

Only a few companies offer wooden yurt kits for sale in comparison with a number of fabric yurt manufacturers. Wood yurt kits normally come as prefab panels. The structure may take a bit longer to set up simply because of the number of additional options that are already included in the base kit. The wall panels normally come pre-insulated from the manufacturer.

Roof options allow the buyer to choose between traditional wood and cheaper vinyl fabric for the roof cover. Going with the high-quality Durolast vinyl fabric for the roof cover will allow budget buyers to save a bit of money.

In addition to this, this type of roof can be installed much faster than the traditional wooden one with shingles. Of course, later this vinyl roof can be easily replaced with a more permanent one.

Thus, the wooden yurts can be also called “Permanent Yurt Homes” or “Circular Houses” and are much better suited for long-term or 4-season living. They will last much longer than their fabric versions and cost pretty much the same with all the options included.

best wooden yurts for sale

Now, after we just established that wooden yurt is worth a closer look in spite of a seemingly higher sticker price, let’s go through a few of these popular round house kits.

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12-Wall Wood Yurt Kits 217 sq. ft. 

Yurt dimensions:
16′ 7.5″ diameter
10′ 10.5″ peak ceiling height

12-wall yurt cabin kits for sale

What is included in the standard 12-wall Wooden Yurt Kit:

  • Tall Walls (7’ 4”) 
  • Two (2) Milgard® Double-pane, Glass, Low-E Windows
  • Heavy Duty DuroLast® Roof Fabric
  • Snow and Wind Kit (120mph wind rating)
  • Wall Insulation (r-9.7)
  • Roof Insulation (r-13.7)
  • 360° Dome Lifter
  • Sunbrella® Valance and Awning
12-wall wooden yurts for sale with the deck

Freedom Yurt Cabins company offers these 12-wall wooden yurt kits for sale at a starting price of $17,300. This price is almost $10,000 higher in comparison with a fabric yurt of the same size.  Can you comfortably live in such a small space? 217 sq. ft. is not a lot even by the tiny house standards. 

Adding any interior walls would not be advisable. We can imagine using this yurt as a garden shed or an art/crafts studio. Can you find cheaper garden shed kits of the same square footage? You bet! But only this yurt can provide you with such a unique lighting option with a central skylight.

Interested in this yurt? Contact the manufacturer and get $100 OFF wooden yurt kit prices when you mention “Craft-Mart”.

14-Wall Wooden Yurt Cabin Kits 296 sq. ft.

Yurt dimensions:
19′ 5″ diameter
11′ 8.25″ peak ceiling heigh

14-wall yurt cabin kits for sale for businesses and individuals

What is included in the standard 14-wall Wood Yurt Kit:

  • Everything that the previous 12-wall yurt had but with Three (3) Milgard® Double-pane, Glass, Low-E Windows

Freedom Yurt Cabins company lists these 14-wall wooden yurts for sale at a starting price of $20,500.  While the plan is almost 300 sq. ft., this yurt is still a bit small to be used for living.  The picture above shows one of the possible usages – a music room. If you are not a member of a xylophone band, how about using it as a workshop? 

14-wall yurt cabin floor plan

On the other hand, if you can fit your bed in this yurt it can be used for a living (sleeping mostly).  The bathroom can be attached from the outside to one of the side panels. A kitchenette also can be installed with some custom fitting against a couple of panels. 

14-wall yurt cabin interior and plan

The picture above shows a pretty spacious room.  Isn’t it a bit nicer than inside a typical shipping container house? For example, you can easily do crazy aerobics sessions in the morning and romantic waltzing at night. Try doing these ones inside the container…

Interested in this yurt? Contact the manufacturer and get $100 OFF any wooden yurt kits for sale when you mention “Craft-Mart”.

16-Wall Wooden Yurt Kits 387 sq. ft.

Yurt dimensions:
22′ 2.5″ diameter
11′ 9.5″ peak ceiling heigh

16-wall wooden yurts for sale

With almost 400 sq.ft. and over 22 ft. in diameter, this wooden yurt is a perfect candidate to be used as a permanent yurt home for one or two people. Freedom Yurt Cabins company offers these 16-wall wooden yurt kits for sale at a starting price of $23,700 and they are well worth this price! 

16-wall yurt cabin kits with proposed floor plan configuration

This model is finally large enough to be divided into several rooms. The internal walls can be of the same height as the outer ones – 7’4″. This will create a loft area that can be used for sleeping but only in the middle of the yurt. The rest of the loft space can serve as storage accessible through the attic doors in the bedroom and the bathroom. 

Note, the this is just a proposed floor plan and all the interior parts are not provided by the yurt kit manufacturer.

16-wall yurt cabin with interior pictures

What is included in the standard 16-wall Wooden Yurt Kit? Everything that the previous 12-wall yurt and 14-wall yurt had but with Three (3) Milgard® Double-pane, Glass, Low-E Windows.

Suggested improvements

  • From a first glance, you can see right away that your yurt will be too dark with only 3 windows divided between 3 rooms. Actually, the previous floor plan proposal showed 6 windows, so consider adding a least 2-3 to the standard kit.
  • Add Floor Insulation Kit if you want to survive harsh winters.
  • If your budget allows it, consider replacing the standard Heavy Duty DuroLast® Roof Fabric with something more permanent. 

Yes, your final cost will be higher. But remember, you’re building a real tiny house in the shape of a cool yurt. 

Interested in this yurt? Contact the manufacturer and get $100 OFF any wooden yurt kits for sale when you mention “Craft-Mart”.

18-Wall Wooden Yurt Cabin Kits 490 sq. ft.

Yurt dimensions:
25′ diameter
13′ 1″ peak ceiling height 

18-wall wooden yurt kits for sale

If you are dreaming of a nomadic life filled with luxury, get this model!  The height of the yurt in the center provides an option for a pretty cool and comfortable loft plus tons of storage space. 

What is included in the standard 18-wall Wood Yurt House Kit:

  • Tall Walls (7’ 4”)
  • Four (4) Milgard® Double-pane, Glass, Low-E Windows (get at least 2-3 more!)
  • Heavy Duty DuroLast® Roof Fabric
  • Snow and Wind Kit (120mph wind rating)
  • Wall Insulation (r-9.7)
  • Roof Insulation (r-13.7)
  • 360° Dome Lifter
  • Sunbrella® Valance and Awning
18-wall wooden yurt with interior views and a floor plan

Freedom Yurt Cabins manufacturer lists their 18-wall wooden yurt kits for sale at a starting price of $27,900. With all the suggested improvements like additional windows, Floor Insulation Kit, etc., this price will be definitely closer to $35,000.  But even at this price, this wooden yurt kit can easily beat more traditional cabins in energy efficiency and a few other things.

18-wall wooden yurt with a floor plan

How else could you improve these wooden yurt cabins? There is a pretty simple and effective way – adding the porch! Americans love porches. Why waste a perfect opportunity when you build the deck by not extending it? You’d ask why Mongols didn’t think of the porches? They didn’t have solid wooden yurts and rocking chairs but we do!

Interested in this yurt? Contact the manufacturer and get $100 OFF any wooden yurt kits for sale when you mention “Craft-Mart”.

How to Assemble a Wood Yurt Cabin Kit in 3-5 Days (time-lapse video)

Should you go for a fabric yurt after all?

The trick is that most of the fabric yurt companies do NOT include ANY of the features listed in the Standard Wooden Yurt Kit shown above. Add these options to a fabric yurt, and you’ll have roughly the same final price. It’s a pretty cool move, but we’re all pretty smart here, right? 

Get $100 OFF DIY Wooden Yurt Kit Prices!

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Wooden yurt floor plans can be flexible

With wood yurt kits, it’s easy to create a nice floor plan. The structure by itself is very sturdy, so you are free to design the layout of the inner walls the way you want. There are many good floor plan examples of circular houses built around the US especially in the areas frequently hit by hurricanes. 

build a permanent round home