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Bernat Velvet Yarn Patterns: Textured Baby Blanket

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Bernat velvet yarn patterns such as the one below, are becoming popular among crocheters. Even though BERNAT velvet yarn is not the easiest to work with, at the same time it is so soft and simply perfect for a cuddly blanket. Therefore, if you’ve found some amazing velvet yarn colors, it is time to create an amazing crochet blanket.

Bernat Velvet Yarn Patterns used for blakets

The first thing to consider when you are picking a pattern and a hook to use is to keep in mind the structure of this yarn. First of all, it is similar to a bottle brush in texture: one strong thread in the middle and a myriad of tiny little ‘bristles’ that create the velvet yarn strand.

The second thing to remember, BERNAT velvet yarn is very slippery. For this reason, to achieve consistency in your crochet fabric, I suggest crocheting a little tighter than you would normally do.  Accordingly, I’ve used H-8 5 mm crochet hook for this crochet baby blanket.

Bernat Velvet Yarn Pattern

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Velvet Yarn Pattern Baby Blanket

How to avoid mistakes

Under those circumstances, one of the common mistakes you’d see when crocheting any BERNAT velvet yarn patterns is to see pulled strands of yarn. For this reason, crochet tighter than you will usually, check your work often, and practice with BERNAT velvet yarn on a swatch before starting a project.

Waffle Stitch Yarn Pattern

Furthermore, if you are looking for pastel colors, check also the line of BERNAT Baby Velvet yarns. As a matter of fact, that’s how I picked Velvet yarn in Misty Green from the clearance bin.

Most importantly, you must pick the right crochet stitch for BERNAT Velvet Yarn. I must emphasize, that the textured waffle stitch works great for this velvet yarn blanket.

BernLearn to Crochet Textured Waffle Stitch

Some of the great features of WAFFLE CROCHET stitch:

  • First, the stitch uses one basic crochet stitch (DC-double crochet) with a simple twist;
  • Second, the Waffle Crochet Stitch is reversible which makes it great for blankets;
  • Third, crochet stitch is so simple that you can crochet this baby blanket very quickly;
  • In conclusion, it works great with BERNAT velvet yarn and gives the blanket some texture and interest.
Bernat Velvet Yarn Pattern



  • 2 skeins of BERNAT Velvet Yarn in Misty Green
  • 2 skein of BERNAT Velvet Yarn in Blissful Greige
  • 2 skein of BERNAT Velvet Yarn in Pale Grey
  • H-8 5 mm crochet hook

Finished Size: 36″ x 36″

Furthermore, if you need a helpful graph of all crochet/knitted blanket sizes, you can find it HERE.


  • ch – chain
  • DC – double crochet
  • FPDC – front post double crochet
Bernat Velvet Yarn Pattern-Textured Baby Blanket


Foundation chain

Ch 139 in Blissful Greige (or any odd number of chains to achieve the desired width).

Row 1

DC into the 4th ch from the hook and then DC into each ch to the end of the row. Ch 3 (represents 1st DC), turn.

Row 2

First, DC into the first DC of the underlying row. * FPDC into the next stitch. DC into the next stitch.* Continue between * * (alternating DC & FPDC) to the end of the row. Finally, DC into the top of the first ch3. Ch 3, turn.

Row 3

* FPDC into the next stitch. DC into the next stitch.* Continue between * * (alternating DB & FPDC) to the end of the row. Finally, DC into the 3rd stitch of the ch3 turning chain. Ch 3.

Rows 4 – 13

Consequently, repeat rows 2 and 3 to use all the yarn in your first skein (Blissful Greige).

Rows 14 –  27

Switch to Pale Grey and repeat rows 2 and 3 to use all the yarn in your second skein.

Rows 28 – 41

In like manner, switch to Misty Green and repeat rows 2 and 3 to use all the yarn in your second skein.

Rows 42 – end 

To summarize, keep alternating colors and repeating rows 2 and 3 to use all the yarn. Finally, weave in the tail ends.

Learn to Crochet Textured Waffle Stitch

In conclusion, this is a very easy pattern to use for a quick yet luxurious baby blanket. Most importantly, you can crochet this blanket using this BERNAT velvet yarn pattern in one weekend.