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Capri Summer Crochet Triangle Scarf – FREE CROCHET PATTERN

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Are you looking for a free crochet pattern for a quick and easy crochet triangle scarf? We have a free pattern and an easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorial to help you finish your crochet project just in time for your next travel adventure.

We love summer crochet style – the colors are so bright and warm – just an absolute delight to work with! You can choose from a variety of yarns for your light-weight crochet scarves and shawls, including cotton. It will make all your creations so breathable with just a slight touch of texture – perfect for layering with extra protection from sun or fresh sea breeze.

This Capri Summer Crochet Triangle Scarf is all that and more – you can practice and master treble crochet (in US terms) which creates a slightly taller stitch and makes this scarf wonderfully light. The basic crochet stitch for this pattern is very easy – it is a repeat of tr (treble crochet) & chain 1 (ch1) and the only places where you need to pay some attention are the edges. Note that you will make treble crochet stitches into chain one spaces from the previous row, so you can basically crochet the whole project with your ‘eyes closed’, so-to-speak.

free crochet pattern for a quick and easy crochet triangle scarf/shawl #crochettrianglescarf #easycrochet #trianglescarfpattern #freecrochetscarfpattern

It is that easy!

What we also love about this easy crochet pattern that it creates a modern chevron-like texture that will look great as an accessory to many summer outfits, including white cotton dress, white T-shirt paired with jeans, etc.  You can dress it up or down, as it is both casual and elegant.

What makes this Capri Summer Crochet Triangle Scarf an easy crochet DIY project?

  • It uses two basic crochet stitches: tr and ch (treble crochet (US terms) and chain stitch);
  • You crochet into chain spaces – quick and easy;
  • The basic crochet increase/decrease is easy to understand and follow to create this triangular scarf;
  • Each row of this treble crochet modern chevron lace is pretty tall so the whole project goes very fast;
  • It is a color block pattern so you can just crochet the increase part of the triangle until you run out of yarn and then do the decrease part with the second yarn color;
  • The quick and easy tassels give your crochet scarf some definition -they are very quick and easy to make using leftover yarn (no waste here)!

If you are not familiar with treble crochet, you can easily learn it with our detailed step-by-step tutorial right here.

It is one-size-fits-all so you don’t have to worry about the size of your garment though you can make your scarf longer or shorter, as you prefer or as your yarn allows.

Materials for crochet triangle scarf

  • light-weight (3) yarn in any color (273 yards/259 meters 3.5 oz/100g) – approximately
  • light-weight (3) yarn in white (273 yards/259 meters 3.5 oz/100g) – Joy DK by Loops & Threads in this sample
  • crochet hook US F (3.75 mm)
  • tapestry needle
  • scissors


Though the recommendations for this yarn call for crochet hook size US H-8, we used a smaller size crochet hook to achieve ‘tight and tall’ crochet posts for this crochet triangle scarf. You may experiment with different sizes while creating your sample swatch to see which one will feel comfortable and help you achieve the best results. Recommendations that are printed on the yarn labels are very helpful but you should always do what fits best and allows you to create that unique handmade yarn masterpiece.

Abbreviations for crochet triangle scarf pattern

ch – chain stitch
sk – skip
tr – treble crochet
ch-sp – chain space
 – one chain space previously made (from the previous row)

The ‘increase’ part of the Crochet Triangle Scarf pattern

Row 1
ch 9, tr into 6th ch from the hook; ch 1, sk one chain; 2 tr into last 2 ch. ch 5; turn.
(chain 5 counts as 1 tr and ch 1)

Row 2
into 1st ch1-sp; ch 1tr, ch 1, tr into the same last ch1-sp;  ch 5; turn.
(chain 5 counts as treble crochet and chain 1)

Row 3
into 1st ch1-sp; ch 1; tr into the same 1st ch1-sp (you have 3 tr+2 ch (as chain 4 counts as tr) into the same 1st ch1-sp; ch1; tr into 2nd ch1-sp; ch 1; 2 tr into the same last ch1-sp;  ch 5; turn.

Rows 4 – 54
Repeat rows 2 and 3 until your crochet triangle scarf reaches the desired width (54 rows in color one in our sample).

Do not chain 5 at the end of the last row (54) as you’ll be starting with a new color.

crochet triangle scarf - increase graph to help you master crochet increase for Capri crochet triangle scarf #crochettrianglescarf #easycrochet #trianglescarfpattern #freecrochetscarfpattern

The decrease part of the Crochet Triangle Scarf pattern

Then start the decrease (rows 55-99 in color two).

Row 55
Pull through with the second color. Ch 4. Skip 1st ch1-sp;  tr into the 2nd ch1-sp, ch 1. Continue to the end of the row with tr+ch1. Crochet 2 tr into the last ch1-sp (not separated with chain 1) on the straight side of the triangle. Chain 5, turn.

Row 56
tr into 1st ch1-sp; ch 1tr, ch 1 until the end of the row when you have only 2 ch-1 spaces left;  crochet 3 tr together, ch 4; turn.

Rows 56-99
Repeat rows 55 & 56 until you have 3 tr together, ch1, 2 tr. Pull your yarn through and secure it with a knot. Leave ~12” tail end to secure a tassel (or weave it in if you don’t want add tassels).

This is a color block pattern so for the increase part you crocheted with one color and for the decrease use a contrasting (white) color.

how to do decrease rows - crochet triangle scarf #crochettrianglescarf Capri Summer Crochet Scarf by - lightweight crochet scarf free pattern; modern crochet scarf pattern; #diycrochetscarf #easycrochet #trianglescarfpattern #freecrochetscarfpattern

How to do an increase and decrease for this crochet triangle scarf – easy tips

The pattern is very easy but you have to understand the basics of crochet increases and decreases. Here is a helpful graph that shows you how the increase works. With this triangle scarf (shawl), one side is straight and you do the increases on the other side of your triangle. On that increase side, you end each row with tr+ch1+tr unto last chain-1 space and start each row with tr+ch1+tr+ch1+tr into the 1st chain-1 space. A helpful tip: if you are wondering what to do, just check the 2nd row below and repeat the same thing. Very easy! After just a few rows of practice, you’d be very comfortable with the pattern and would not need to refer to our graph or written instructions.

The decrease works in reverse: on the decrease side, you crochet 2 tr together in the beginning (as we started the new color on that corner) and crochet 3 tr together at the end of the row on the decrease side. The same tip works: if you are wondering what to do, just check the 2nd row below and repeat the same thing. Super easy!

We have decided to add some fun tassels as embellishments to this scarf: one white, one cream, and one of both colors mixed together. It gives this crochet triangle scarf some playfulness – just perfect for a get-away!

decrease rows - crochet triangle scarf #crochettrianglescarf #easycrochet #trianglescarfpattern #freecrochetscarfpattern

Helpful tip:

To make sure that you don’t run out of yarn before you had a chance to make a tassel, make them when you are almost done with color one (or even at the beginning of the project). This way you can be sure that you have enough yarn to finish your project.

Capri Summer Crochet Scarf - lightweight crochet scarf pattern; modern crochet scarf pattern; #diycrochetshawl #easycrochet #trianglescarfpattern #freecrochetscarfpattern

How to make a tassel

Wrap yarn 20 times over a sturdy piece of cardboard (or coaster) not too tight so it can easily slide off but tight enough so your tassel is nice an even. Pull the yarn through the top part of your tassel and secure it with a double knot. Now slide the yarn off the shape you used and cut the side opposite from the knot with sharp (!) scissors. Take another piece of yarn and tie a double knot ~ 1 inch below the knot. Wrap it up and tie a double knot 2-3 times until your tassel is secure. Now you can even the bottom so it looks presentable—just like doing a haircut.

Repeat the same process with contrasting yarn and make one mixed tassel wrapping each color 10 times.

After your tassels are done, attach them to the corners of your scarf and weave in all the ends.

Wear it with pride or give away as a gift!

Capri Summer Crochet Scarf - lightweight crochet scarf pattern; modern crochet scarf pattern; #diycrochetshawl #easycrochet #trianglescarfpattern #freecrochetscarfpattern #yarntassels #howtomaketassel #tasseltutorial



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